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Weekly Special Ended

C.T. reminded me in a comment- all titles on Falcom’s Weekly Special are now sold out. I posted on twitter, but I forgot to make a post on here.

Earnings Forecast Amendment
With the presales from Zero no Kiseki, Falcom was able to make an amendment to the earnings forecast for their 9/30 quarterly statement. This brought up all of their numbers up a significant amount.

As such, their stocks shot up 20% today. (that’s 4000 yen. A pretty good amount)

Site Maintenence
I did a few tweaks to the menu and the calendar of release dates. I’ve also added a new banner at the bottom of the site.

Kiriban! 12,000 hits!
Just what it says. Whoever visited 7 hits before me (I was 12,007), give yourself a pat on the back. :D

Well, I can’t provide awesome artwork. So have Vivi with a Pom.

You can’t lose with the cuteness of both together, right?! RIGHT?! :D;;

I’d also give source links, but I can’t exactly get to them right now. Sadness. :(

(this kind of hyperactivity is what comes around with cold medicine, caffeine, and tons of orange juice, I think? Sorta?)

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  1. cxt217

    As Jon Lovitz would say 'That's the ticket!' C.T.

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