Japanese Ys Online Game Host Terminating Services

CJ Entertainment, the Japanese publisher for Ys Online, has sent out an email to all of its subscribers stating that, as of 2/16/2012, Netmarble will be shutting down all of its services.

I have not followed data much on Ys Online since it was blocked from people outside of Japan to know if it was still functional, but the email does not seem to imply that it will be transfering. They only speak of Shin Sangoku Musou Online. But if it is functional and you still have an account and somehow still play, and the transfer is going through- you will want to have your account transferred to Weeple.

I’m unable to research any further information because the Weeple website is not functional as of this time. I’ll try in the morning and see about editing the post if I can find out anything more.


  1. MP83

    Ys Online hasn’t existed in any country since October 3rd, 2011. The European version went down in November 2009, the Chinese version in April 2010, the Korean version in December 2010, and the Japanese version in October 2011.

    R.I.P. Ys Online
    November 2007 – October 03, 2011

    1. Kirsten Miller

      I’m sorry to hear that. That does help me know where I stand on that situation with the article. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. MP83

        You’re welcome. If there’s anything you need regarding Ys Online for something, I’m your guy. Played the European and Japanese versions overall for 2 years and got plenty of things left from those days. I even have hundreds of concept art, some which were never published in public.

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