5 thoughts on “Oath in Felghana Found in the Steam Database?

    • As much as I’ would like to see the PC version of Napishtim here, I think that it would be better for XSEED to devote their time to other rarely heard from Falcom games like Dinosaur, Xanadu Next (I’d kill for a localization of one of those two) or something like Zwei II or whatnot.

  1. How about the voiced version of Trails in the Sky FC for the PC that Falcom released? I prefer playing the game on a PC rather than a PSP for long periods.

    • I don’t have any information on Trails in the Sky. All that I’ve heard of is what I’ve posted above, unfortunately.

      App ID # 207350 has yet to be named, but that can be any number of things.

  2. I suspected it was a vain hope, but Trails in the Sky is slightly more probable than most other Falcom titles because we know that XSeed has the license to the PSP port, just like Oath in Felghana. But as they say, time will tell and there is certainly no way to predict what other surprises might drop from the sky.

    As an aside, you might want to let visitors to Eidenyaku know where the real activity is going on.

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