Details from Falcom Emerge on Sora no Kiseki FC Kai HD Edition

The PS3 HD Edition of Sora no Kiseki is confirmed by Falcom via press release today. It will be developed by them, and released on 12/13/2012 for 3990 yen. This appears to also be a physical release as well.

Vividly clear HD Graphics
New graphic quality. Experience the world of Sora no Kiseki on the big screen and see the details of the art, towns, and event scenes.

Save Data from the PSP Version is Compatible
You can use the PSP save data. You are also able to play on the big screen at home, and take it on the go with you on your PSP.

Many Extra Contents Available
All 59 tracks of the Sora no Kiseki FC Soundtrack, DRM-free, and in high quality, there will be new calendar wallpapers and original PS3 themes available amongst other bonus items.

–personal observation:

Apparently the cover also identifies it as a 3D game? Amazing.

[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]
[ Ys Series Portal Site ]


8 thoughts on “Details from Falcom Emerge on Sora no Kiseki FC Kai HD Edition

  1. I wanted to say something about Falcom having enough resources to port something to the PS3 and not to the PC… but then I noticed the PSP Remaster logo. Which means they’re just emulating the PSP version (with higher res textures) on the PS3 and this requires no effort at all. Oh well.

  2. Ok so PSP Remaster=No trophies. Probably not gonna see this in North America, because we never see PSP Remasters unless they’re part of HD Collections (God of War and MGS: Peace Walker). But I do like the 3D capability.

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