PSN Version of Sora no Kiseki / Trails in the Sky Second Chapter Officially Announced

Falcom has officially posted on twitter and the Hot Information page that they are officially announcing the decision to release a downloadable version of the PSP version of Sora no Kiseki Second Chapter on Playstation Network.

Currently, every single title of the Kiseki series from Sora no Kiseki FC to Nayuta no Kiseki are on Playstation Network with downloadable versions. Sora no Kiseki SC is the only one that hasn’t been posted on there due to technical issues. With the addition of SC, this makes the entire series finally available for digital download.

Currently, the release date, price, and UMD Passport availability is unknown, but it will be announced on the Sora no Kiseki SC website when it has been determined.

[ @NihonFalcom @ Twitter ]
[ Falcom Hot Information ]
[ Sora no Kiseki / Trails in the Sky PSP Official Website ]

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