New “Zemuria Story” Kiseki Title to be Released in Sept 2013

Page 2 of the supplementary file that goes along with Falcom’s financial report released today has the following information posted in it:
The long expected sequel to Sora no Kiseki, Zero no Kiseki, and Ao no Kiseki will be released. with the page marking 9/2013 on it.

This cements the rumor going along with the Ao no Kiseki rerelease in December. Beyond this info, there is no information other than the fact that it’s coming- nothing on a specific date, platform, or the title itself. I imagine that we’ll learn more about the new title fairly soon, however.

[ 9/2012 Financial Sheet Supplemental Data (PDF) ]


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  1. PhantomOfTheKnight

    Oooh, definitely sounds liek they’re prepping this one up to be something big if it’s releasing that far into 2013.

  2. Yotaka

    September is pretty much _the_ month for new Kiseki games so I’m not surprised that they’ve announced it for a release then; they’ve probably been doing prep work on this title quietly for quite some time, especially since it’s going to be the start of the next story arc.

    Because it can’t be called too many times, I’m predicting we start the Erebonia arc here, it will eventually involve the Septerrion of Time and our main cast will be students at ‘that’ military academy.

  3. Elie

    Hype get.

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