The Collected Ys Music of Ancient and Modern Times and Ys Ark of Napishtim OST to be Released on Amazon


The Collected Ys Music of Ancient and Modern Times album was only available with the special edition box of Ys the Foliage Ocean in Celceta… However, starting tomorrow, it will be available digitally for $7.99 on Amazon.com, iTunes, and mora.

This was announced in Falcom Magazine, but they sent out a reminder on twitter a few hours ago:

Ys VI the Ark of Napishtim OST will also be released on Amazon.com for digital purchase starting 6/26/2013.

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1 comment

  1. tootbrush

    Excellent album. Worth it just for the definitive arrangements of A Kiss for Eldeel, DREAMING and Illburn’s Ruins.

    Also made me realise how tired I am of Yukihiro Jindo’s arrangements.

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