Change in International Preorder Process with Falcom


Many thanks to @CqefClement for the heads up on this!

If you make your international orders through Falcom directly, please take note that they have changed the email address for you to use to contact them. As stated in their explanation in the screenshot, they’re doing this to cut down on the amount of spam received to the inbox.

Where it used to be support_h19, it should now be support_h26. The full address is located (with spaces, to try to prevent bots from picking it up) in my FAQ.

If you keep this in your address book, you will want to change it there as well.


  1. anon

    Any idea on if the order_h19 address has also been affected? I believe that’s the actual address that order requests are supposed to be sent to as opposed to support_h19 (or h26 now).

    1. Kirsten Miller

      Not sure 100%. I do know that the support_h19 will return the message in the screenshot as an automatic reply, at least. If you’re not getting anything like that with order_h19, you should be safe, I suspect.

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