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Information on any games related to Nihon Falcom that are in development, have been released.

The Editing Phase of Trails in the Sky SC’s Script Has Drawn to a Close


Within the past couple of hours, Jess Chavez, the editor for the script for Trails in the Sky FC and former localization specialist for XSEED Games has announced that she’s completed the editing process of the “behemoth” that is Second Chapter’s script. You can see her tweets below. I've been dying to give you guys …

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Brandish the Dark Revenant Receives PEGI Classification


While the North American release of Brandish the Dark Revenant was on Tuesday of this past week, European fans have been eagerly awaiting it to be released on PSN in the EU region. This release has gotten a step closer, as the game has received a PEGI 12, according to the PEGI website. Per Tom, …

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The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki to be released as ‘the Best’ Titles on 3/5/2015


Falcom has announced that both Playstation 3 the Best and Playstation Vita the Best versions of Sen no Kiseki will be released on 3/5/2015. They have qualified as popular title to be released under the low priced label. Both platforms of the game will cost 3,400 yen (3,672 with tax). [ Falcom IR Report (PDF) …

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Brandish: The Dark Revenant to be Released by XSEED Games on January 13


Brandish: The Dark Revenant will be arriving to the Playstation Network next week on January 13, for $19.99. It will also be arriving to the system with Vita compatibility. It should also be compatible with the PlaystationTV/VitaTV. It will also be available in the PSN Store as viewable from the Playstation Vita, as well. See …

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Yet Another Domain Registered by XSEED Games:


While this may not lead to anything, another domain that has been spotted in the batch this time around is Is this related to the Kiseki series, due to the use of ‘Trails’ in the title? There’s no information on this. If you search the domain, there aren’t any clues there to give us …

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Alisa DLC Costume to be Released on 1/8


Seen above is the costume for Alisa that was intended to be released with the rest of the bonus DLC if Rank 5 was reached in Sen no Kiseki II’s preorder campaign. But worry not, as Falcom has been promising that we may see it at some point. If you’re on their mailing list, you …

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