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Information on any games related to Nihon Falcom that are in development, have been released.

Final Results for the Kiseki Series Tenth Anniversary National Survey

Editor’s Note: There are some tiny details that I’ve omitted from this with the interest of keeping some spoiler information out of the article. This article was released in Dengeki Playstation back in June, prior to the release of Sen no Kiseki II.

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A New Ys Title to be Released in 2015 for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita

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Sony displayed a video to reveal a new Ys title for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita at the SCEJA Event tonight. It is to be released in 2015, but more information may or may not be available at Tokyo Game Show. More information will be revealed as it becomes available. See some screenshots below: …

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Sen no Kiseki II Preorder Campaign – DLC Level 4 Reached


From 7/18/2014 ~ 9/15/2014, Falcom is running a preorder campaign. After certain counts of preorders have been accumulated, they will bump the level of the bonuses up which will provide special DLC extras for players of the game to download. On the game’s release date, the DLC code will be made available on the website …

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CD Version of Kiseki jdk Acoustics Album Announced

The recent digital release of the Kiseki jdk Acoustics album was Falcom’s experiment with the hi-res audio options, it should be no surprise that Falcom will be doing a physical release of the album eventually as well. The album has been announced for a release on 10/8 for its physical release. Despite this, you will …

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First Screenshots for the Chinese PC Release of Ys the Memories of Celceta


Joyoland has officially released the first batch of HD screenshots for their PC port of the Playstation Vita title, Ys the Memories of Celceta. These screenshots are made at the game’s 1920×1080 resolution. There is currently no release date available for this title. It will be released in both simplified and traditional Chinese, in mainland …

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[Spoiler Alert!] Sen no Kiseki II Storefront PV Available on Youtube

Sen no Kiseki II’s storefront trailer that’s been sent to the various Sofmap stores has now surfaced on youtube. AS A WARNING, IT SPOILS SEN NO KISEKI’S ENDING. PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO ACCOUNT.

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