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Information on any games related to Nihon Falcom that are in development, have been released.

First Screenshots for the Chinese PC Release of Ys the Memories of Celceta


Joyoland has officially released the first batch of HD screenshots for their PC port of the Playstation Vita title, Ys the Memories of Celceta. These screenshots are made at the game’s 1920×1080 resolution. There is currently no release date available for this title. It will be released in both simplified and traditional Chinese, in mainland …

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[Spoiler Alert!] Sen no Kiseki II Storefront PV Available on Youtube

Sen no Kiseki II’s storefront trailer that’s been sent to the various Sofmap stores has now surfaced on youtube. AS A WARNING, IT SPOILS SEN NO KISEKI’S ENDING. PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO ACCOUNT.

Per @Hatsuu: “Winter 2013 is Over!” – Trails in the Sky FC for Steam and GOG on 7/29

Oh, Hatsuu- never change, please. :) As you can see, Trails in the Sky FC will be released to Steam and GOG on 7/29. It will have every feature from the PSP version implemented into it, save for the Monster Manual. But this will be a feature added in at a later date. That means …

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Translated Notes from Comments from Toshihiro Kondo at the Chinese Sen no Kiseki Event


Many thanks to @Lorianna_Yui for assistance with this Chinese to English translation! There are Kiseki series spoilers in this. I will mark some of the questions under the spoiler tags. Information Regarding Sen no Kiseki II 1. The script volume is 1.5 times that of Sen no Kiseki (there are also sayings that it’s 1.5 …

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Translated Sen no Kiseki II Interview with Toshihiro Kondo


This is slightly delayed in info, as it was from a few months ago. Many thanks to Jason Liu for translating this article from Chinese! There are some Kiseki series spoilers in this article- primarily on the identity of one influencial character in Sen, Ao’s ending, and some various organizational information. About Toshihiro Kondo Mr. …

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New and Returning Sen no Kiseki II Characters Revealed in Magazines for 7/10/2014 – Page Updates for 7/10 and 7/17


Many thanks to @exeforce87 for the scans! Note: Due to the delays on getting this article out, I’m kind of mixing it with the past two weeks’ website updates as well. So it’s pulling information from the Dengeki, Famitsu, and Falcom’s website updates. As this is a long article, I’m pulling it underneath the cut.

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