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Information on any games related to Nihon Falcom that are in development, have been released.

The Next Falcom Character Song Album Announced! …and It’s for Olivier Lenheim!


Everyone be prepared for love and beauty with the second of the Falcom Character Song albums calling from the popular Kiseki series again! This one will feature the wandering minstrel, Olivier Lenheim, voiced by none other than Takehito Koyasu. The music will be new arrangements, and new recordings. It will be released for sale on …

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New Information on Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution – Demo to be Released in March


Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution will be released later this year for the Playstation Vita. The game will feature HD graphics, new character art, updated music, and an updated battle system. Slowly, Chara-Ani and Falcom have been revealing the details bit by bit. This week’s Dengeki Playstation has some new information for the game in …

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Gurumin Available on Steam on March 30


Mastiff has announced that Gurumin will be available for purchase on Steam on March 30th. There are still no details on price, but Mastiff also promises to have more details on the game soon.

Early Details on the Tokyo Xanadu Information

While I don’t have 100% confirmation on all of this, I have a bit more detail in the information coming out for Tokyo Xanadu. There will be more available later this week after the Famitsu and Dengeki Playstation issues come out, and Falcom opens the official website. The game will be released in 2015 on …

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New Tokyo Xanadu Information to be Revealed on 2/26


Falcom has announced via their email magazine that more information for Tokyo Xanadu will be revealed on 2/26 of next week. Not only will this include feature articles published in both Dengeki Playstation and Famitsu, but the official website will also open on the same day. To go along with this, Falcom’s staff blog includes …

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The Editing Phase of Trails in the Sky SC’s Script Has Drawn to a Close


Within the past couple of hours, Jess Chavez, the editor for the script for Trails in the Sky FC and former localization specialist for XSEED Games has announced that she’s completed the editing process of the “behemoth” that is Second Chapter’s script. You can see her tweets below. I've been dying to give you guys …

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