Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution PV #2 Revealed at the jdk Band Concert on the 28th


At the jdk Band concert on 3/28, not only was PV #2 revealed, but the theme song for Akatsuki no Kiseki. More details on the latter to come once it’s publicly out.

The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution will be released on 6/11, with the demo currently out on the PSN store. The demo spans the entirity of the first prologue, and not only will the save file transfer to the full version, but you will also receive bonus items if you have save files for both Zero no Kiseki Evolution and Ao no Kiseki Evolution as well.

You can see the PV below.


XSEED Releasing Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim to Steam, GOG, and Humble Store


XSEED Games has announced that the PC version of Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim will be released to Steam this spring.

This is the game that restarted the Ys series to the PC in 2003. It, in a way, relaunched the era of Falcom that many people know of today.

The game will feature an updated translation, a new Catastrophe Mode difficulty that will remove stockable/buyable items (making it more like Felghana and Origin) as well as being able to warp between checkpoints. It will also have updated graphics, widescreen and USB controller support.

Below is the official trailer for the XSEED release of Ys VI.

I have also included, for nostalgia’s sake, the original Buyer’s Guide for Ys VI that Falcom released when they originally announced the game and all of its bonus items.

Ys VI will be released on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store

At this point, there is no information on price and release date, but I will post about those as soon as possible.


The Next Falcom Character Song Album Announced! …and It’s for Olivier Lenheim!


Everyone be prepared for love and beauty with the second of the Falcom Character Song albums calling from the popular Kiseki series again! This one will feature the wandering minstrel, Olivier Lenheim, voiced by none other than Takehito Koyasu. The music will be new arrangements, and new recordings. It will be released for sale on 4/1/2015, Olivier’s birthday!

This album will be available for early purchase at two events: Falcom’s booth at the Comiket Special 6 on 3/28 and 3/29, as well as at the jdk Band concert on 3/28.

1. Amber Love
2. Go Fight! Love and devotion for you~
3. Amber Love (off vocal ver.)
4. Go Fight! Love and devotion for you~ (off vocal ver.)

The album is currently available for preorder with Chara-Ani for 1620 yen.

[ Chara-Ani Product Page ]


New Information on Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution – Demo to be Released in March


Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution will be released later this year for the Playstation Vita. The game will feature HD graphics, new character art, updated music, and an updated battle system. Slowly, Chara-Ani and Falcom have been revealing the details bit by bit. This week’s Dengeki Playstation has some new information for the game in it.


There are many faces found in the Liberl Kingdom, especially with the people who Estelle and Joshua will encounter while on their journey through Liberl.

Cassius Bright (cv: Yukimasa Kishino)
45 years old. Estelle’s father, a dandy, and a veteran Bracer. He is also a teacher to Estelle, Joshua, and Scherazard.

Professor Alba (cv: Hideyuki Tanaka)
37 years old. An archaeologist researching the “Sept-Terrion.” As he’s always spending mira to investigate ruins, he’s constantly broke.

Aina Holden (cv: Yui Kano)
23 years old. She is the head of the reception at the Rolent branch of the Bracer’s Guild. She is Schera’s drinking buddy, and they often go drinking together at the local bar, Abend.

Josette Harl (cv: Umeka Shouji)
16 years old. A traveling student from the Jenis Royal Academy. As she has to study what is culturally important within Liberl’s other regions, she’s visiting Rolent to learn about its clock tower.

Dorothy Hyatt (cv: Satomi Arai)
20 years old. The newcomer cameraman for the Liberl Kingdom’s famous ‘Liberl News Service.’ She may have a bubbly nature, and she may do things her own way, but you can’t question her photography skill.

Nial Burns (cv: Keiji Fujiwara)
29 years old. An able-reporter for the ‘Liberl News Service,’ and he’s always traveling around the kingdom in search of the latest scoop. He’s often seen with his partner, Dorothy.

Battle System

Sora no Kiseki FC started the Kiseki series with its characteristic “AT Battle” system. Through this system, you can see the turn order of all the characters, and even control it. On a grid based field, you can select arts, crafts, and various other actions. There are plans to update the system to be more in line like what was seen in Zero and Ao no Kiseki, including new AT Bonuses and other updates.


Difficulty is available at the start of the game, to allow you to play the game according to a specific challenge and balance of your choice.

Arts, as you know it, remain in the game- allowing you to use EP to cast spells using one of the seven elements found in Zemuria. They can be found in a variety of styles from attack to healing. Arts are obtained by combining quartz on the character’s orbment.

Special skills possessed by each character. Using CP, which is obtained through combat, a character can use a variety of abilities. At 100 CP, a character is capable of using a powerful S-Craft, and even has the ability to interrupt the AT Bar and use it regardless of turn order.


New AT Bonuses
AT Bonuses randomly occur along the AT Bar, taking effect as the turn lines up with them. Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution will see all of the original bonuses return (Critical, HP up, EP up, etc) as well as feature three new bonuses:
Rush – The character (or enemy) that lands on ‘rush’ will immediately go again, taking the next spot on the AT Bar.
Zero Arts – Any arts landing on this turn can be cast without expending EP.
Zero Craft – Any craft landing on this turn will be used without expending CP. This works with S-Crafts as well!

These are observations from the editor while working on this. A few other changes that have been made to make FC’s combat system line up to more of what Zero and Ao no Kiseki have are below. Some are from screenshots, and some are from blurbs stated about the changes in the system:
* The ‘delay’ stat is now displayed. This is the number that comes from the action you select, and determines where you will land on the AT Bar after the use of the action.
* The selection ring is taken from Zero and Ao no Kiseki. This is a nice setup for the handheld systems, in my opinion.
* The arts list is being split up, much like from Zero and Ao no Kiseki, as well. This is also a great change. The original list worked on PC, but made it more difficult to scroll through on console systems.
* Field attacks are in the game – this was mentioned in an earlier release of information, but using field attacks determines the way the battle will start, once again, like in Zero and Ao no Kiseki.
* Autobattle – For the first time in the Kiseki series, you can press the select button to have the characters fight by AI. Once it’s active, if you press and hold the X button, you can run through the battle at 4x speed.

Upcoming Playable Demo

The article also details that a playable demo is expected to be released in the later half of March. This is not too unlike the Ao no Kiseki Evolution demo that came out- as it was released on March 27th.

More information on the demo will be out as it gets closer to release.


Early Details on the Tokyo Xanadu Information


While I don’t have 100% confirmation on all of this, I have a bit more detail in the information coming out for Tokyo Xanadu. There will be more available later this week after the Famitsu and Dengeki Playstation issues come out, and Falcom opens the official website.

The game will be released in 2015 on the Playstation Vita.

One day, in the outskirts of Tokyo in the Tama [possibly incorrect- please let me know if this is.] district, set in a flying city above it called Morimiya. The main characters are students of the Morimiya Academy, which specializes in dealing with incidents related to the ‘otherworld.’

Kou Tokisaka: He is 17 years old, and a second year high school student. He has a blunt attitude, and is a poor student. He uses a whip sword and specializes in mid-range attacks.
Asuka Hiiragi: She is Kou’s classmate. She’s attractive, is an excellent student, has outstanding reflexes, and is the class chairman. She uses a one-handed sword, and can attack enemies adjacent to her.

Gameplay will involve searching the campus, downtown areas, and various facilities to investigate the appearance of the ‘otherworld.’ Many of these locations are modeled after the Tachikawa area where Falcom’s offices are located.

The otherworld part of the game will involve searching through a labyrinth. There, they will have to fight enemies using soul devices.

Editor’s Note: More information on the game will be coming out over time. This is very early on with little verification. There may be a few mistakes, due to the nature of the leaked information. I’ll do my best to correct it as I see more info coming out, and I will have a full article regarding the Famitsu and Dengeki issues later this week.

EDIT: More information added from Hokanko!

There are no battle scenes in the city areas, and all of the characters already know of the otherworld that they’re dealing with.

The battle system is not introduced, while the lower right shows the party members, one shows alone on the screen. It appears to operate like an action RPG, but similarly to the Kiseki series, where one party member shows on the field at a time.

The following information comes from an interview with Toshihiro Kondo:
* This game is utilizing their know-how from both Ys and Kiseki, and that they’re trying something different with the field system.
* After working on Zwei and Nayuta no Kiseki, there was an interest to work on a different title.
* Both the real world and the otherworld have a number of puzzles and mysteries that need to be solved.
* The Action part will utilize a free camera.
* They have noticed a desire for jump action as well.
* They’ve taken into consideration an easy targeting system.
* The standard is that the real world portions are the adventure parts, and the otherworld portions are the action parts.
* The game will possess an enjoyable story.
* Like the Ys series, there is a plan for at least 6 characters in the main party.
* With the number of modern day characters and stylings, they feel that they will draw the attention of young people as well.
* They are currently planning a number of events with the cooperation of Tachikawa City.
* They hope to release the game in the summer of 2015. The main scenario is complete. As they’re currently working on tightening the action now, they’re sure it will most definitely be able to be released by the end of the year at the least.
* The voice actors cast for the game will be announced soon.
* Work for the game has been advancing favorably.

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