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Ys Origin to be Released on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on 2/21/2017

EDIT: I had the date incorrect! Just fixed it! Fixing it on the calendar, too! At the PlayStation Experience today, Ys Origin was revealed to have a release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on Feb 21, 2017. This is the last of the PC only Ys games to be released to console, and through …

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Gurumin 3D to be Released in the Japanese eShop on 11/30

Falcom has released an IR report, stating that Gurumin 3D will be released to the Japanese Nintendo eShop on 11/30. The Japanese version is being published by Flyhigh Works in Japan, and will cost 1500 yen. Themes for the game are also being made available for purchase for the Nintendo 3DS from the theme shop. …

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Gurumin 3D to be Released to the Japanese Nintendo e-shop in November 2016

Falcom has posted a press release stating that Gurumin 3D will be released for the Nintendo eShop in Japan before the end of 2016, sometime towards the end of November. The game will be published in Japan through a company called Flyhigh Works, and they will be releasing more information on game’s release soon. Genre: …

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2017 Falcom Desk Calendar and New Year Postcards Are Available for Preorder

As per the annual tradition, Falcom has unveiled their 2017 postcard style desk calendar. Additionally, this year will also see a postcard collection of New Year artwork that you can send to friends to celebrate the holiday. Both are in preorders now, but they will be on sale on 12/3. As a note, in the …

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Xanadu Next from XSEED Games Dated for November 3

XSEED Games has announced that Xanadu Next will be released on November 3rd on Steam,, and Humble Bundle for $19.99. It will also have a discount of 10% for its launch week. The information of the press release is stated below: Xanadu Next is an exploration-centric action RPG from Nihon Falcom, the acclaimed creators …

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Akatsuki no Kiseki 10/19 Maintenance and Update: Joshua Bright Has Arrived

A major update has occurred with the game after the 10/19 maintenence closed. A new Halloween event, increased chances for a Tio pull, Joshua being introduced to the system, and more.

Falcom’s New Online Customer Service Portal Will Affect Your Overseas Orders

Falcom has posted a customer service page to their website to allow for all service requests to be done through the web, rather than via email as it has been in the past.

Chapter 3 of Akatsuki no Kiseki Now Available – Olivier and Mueller Event Begins!

There are a number of images (and some mild spoilers for Trails in the Sky SC) in this update, so I have put it all behind a cut.

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