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Falcom Teasing About Yet More Information Next Week


Falcom tweeted the above image this morning, saying that this week was busy as it saw the reveals of Tokyo Xanadu, the new Evolution Project, the Beat Stream Collaboration with Konami, and the release of the Sora no Kiseki SC manga. They add that they are holding back yet more news for next week and …

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Chara-Ani and Falcom Teasing a New Evolution Project


With a teaser site that simply says: ‘A New Project for the Evolution Series Activates. Evolution, Takes Flight.’ What could this mean? Per the alt tag of the teaser image- which I couldn’t see until I looked at the source, the site should open on 12/25/2014. [ Evolution Series Teaser Site ]

Falcom Entering the Chinese Mobile App Market in 2015


Falcom has entered an agreement with NASDAQ listed company, Limited, to release multiple titles on mobile platforms over the next several years starting in 2015. Furthermore, this contract will lead to continuation of titles in 2016 and onward. The market for mobile applications and games in China far exceeds that of the market in …

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Tokyo Xanadu Announced for Release in 2015


Falcom has announced that their new title, Tokyo Xanadu, will be released sometime in 2015. Tokyo Xanadu will be an modern-day urban fantasy action RPG. The image, as posted above, has a post-apocalyptic image of an individual in a ruined city. The game will feature high school students Kou and Asuka as their Tokyo suburb …

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New Information on the English Releases of Brandish: the Dark Revenant and Trails in the Sky SC


We all know that mum’s been the word with XSEED and the English releases of Brandish: the Dark Revenant, and Trails in the Sky Second Chapter- granted this may be a case of ‘not having much to say’ at the time regarding them. Regarding Second Chapter, we’ve known that they’ve been saying “sometime end of …

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User’s Choice Voting for the Playstation Awards 2014 Begins on 10/29/2014

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10/29/2014 marks the beginning of the user voting for the User’s Choice Award with the Playstation Awards for this year. All users will be able to vote for the games released over the course of the year for all Playstation platforms. Since the release of Zero no Kiseki for the PSP, Falcom has come away …

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