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Falcom Hinting on Twitter About An Announcement This Week


Please note, that this is under the rumors category. Much of this tweet is speculative with a fairly significant amount of evidence to back it. This evening, we’ve seen an interesting tweet from Falcom: 今週はいろいろとお知らせする事がありそうな感じ…… 社内もバタバタと慌ただしくなっております(・ω・;) — 日本ファルコム (@nihonfalcom) December 14, 2015 This tweet is saying that they suspect an announcement will happen this week …

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[Magazine Leaks] Character Profiles for Sen no Kiseki Showing Up

(EDIT: I’ve pulled the text from the original version of this article, since it’s messing with the slider.) Translated info from Hokanko. This is data found in this week’s Dengeki Playstation. The game is to be released in 2013. Prologue: As of late, for the militaristic nation, the Erebonia Empire, as found in western Zemuria, …

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Ys I and II Spotted on the Steam Database


People watching Steamworks have seen the entry for Ys I and II Chronicles show up online recently. This also coincides with the teaser image that Falcom posted. However, the teaser image (posted below) has a lot of other references that could belong to other games. Tom has been teasing that we would see a lot …

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Sora no Kiseki FC HD Edition to be released on PS3 for 3990 yen on 12/13

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has posted a release date for Sora no Kiseki FC HD Edition for the PS3 for 3990 yen. There is no other information on it beyond this. There were reports of Sora no Kiseki SC for PSN having the same release date. This bit of news was a misfire. …

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Falcom Tweeting Again About PSN Version of Sora no Kiseki / Trails in the Sky SC

「もひとつ応援よろしく~」採算とれるのかなぁ~結構大変だよ、デバックも一からやり直しなんだとかマジっすかー、なんて声が! PSP版 空の軌跡SCのダウンロード版が進んでるらしい(社内未確認情報) #falcom #soranokiseki — 日本ファルコム (@nihonfalcom) August 29, 2012 Thank you @overthebarrier for assisting me with translating this post. Falcom tweeted the above post earlier, to show that they seem to be working on Sora no Kiseki SC for PSN. The translation is: Heard in the office: “Can you support us a …

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Falcom’s Kiseki Series to Appear on 3DS? And More Multiplatform Information


Please note that I’m unable to find any hard evidence to mark this as anything beyond a rumor. Hachima has stated that Falcom has a quarterly report coming out that will reveal some interesting results about multiplatform efforts from the company and their releases. In the next few months, we should expect to hear a …

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Release Date for Zero no Kiseki Evolution Spotted on WonderGoo Website


WonderGoo has added Zero no Kiseki Evolution to its release dates list with a date of 9/1. WonderGoo is a media retailer in Japan, so there’s the possibility that they’re doing what Amazon often does with upcoming games… but this is only on a release list, so there’s the possibility of some validity to it. …

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Falcom Currently Testing PC Edition of Zero no Kiseki In-House?

見確認情報ですが! 社内でPC版の零の軌跡をテストプレイしている人を見かけたよ。ひょつとして発売されるのだろうか?広報にはまだ情報は何も来ていないので不明ですが。久しぶりにPCパッケージの営業をかけることになるのだろうか?不安と楽しみ両方ですね〜。「一広報担当の独り言です」 — 日本ファルコム (@nihonfalcom) May 17, 2012 What on earth does the above mean? The poster states that they have visual confirmation of test play work for Zero no Kiseki PC in-house. Maybe it’s going to be going on sale? What does it feel like to release a packaged PC title after so long? …

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