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Images From The Latest Dengeki Falcom Article

Dengeki Playstation 557 features a large article on multiple Falcom titles. The first section is that on Sen no Kiseki’s sequel. As the article is partly based on the tenth anniversary of the Kiseki series, there is a timeline showing the releases of all the Kiseki games: Timeline of the Kiseki Series Development 2004 6/24: …

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New Sen no Kiseki Characters and Details in this Week’s Famitsu

This week’s Famitsu has a bit of information to reveal on Sen no Kiseki. Jump behind the cut for images and details:

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New Sen no Kiseki Details in This Week’s Famitsu

Characters Two new party members revealed: Machias Legneitz – Upper right of the first image, he uses a shotgun. Eusis Albaria – Blond haired swordsman. These two I suspect are going to be teachers: Chairman Vandyke – Lower right hand of the second image. Sara Valestein – Upper left hand of the second image. Once …

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Dengeki Playstation 516 Scans – Nayuta no Kiseki

The first article on Nayuta no Kiseki is a six page article, three pages featuring characters and artwork, a fourth featuring the game systems, then the fifth and sixth being an interview with Falcom’s president, Toshihiro Kondo.

Dengeki Playstation 501 Ao no Kiseki Article Scans

Since there’s so much that needs to be done on here today… I don’t have scans of issue 500, so I’ll give more details on those later. Cut for image spam! (And a minor Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky spoiler)

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Dengeki PS 499 Scans for Ao no Kiseki

Of course, back to my posting of the four Dengeki issues that I’ve not posted. The first part of the article is on, of course, the cover illustration by Enami Katsumi, the artist from Zero no Kiseki and Ys Seven. This issue does not have so much in the way of spoilers, thankfully. It is …

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Dengeki Playstation 498 Scans

I’m finally getting these scans out. Let’s start with the last issue I’ve not had posted in awhile. :D Warning- there may be spoilers for the earlier Kiseki series- especially Trails in the Sky in the below character information. If you wish to see the scans without the information that I’m reporting on them, you …

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Dengeki Playstation 497 Scans

Holy crap, three posts in one night! This is the latest issue of Dengeki PS, and marks me as caught up on these scans. As with everything else I’ve scanned in, you can find them and more in the gallery.

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