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Tokyo Xanadu Patch 1.02 Now Live and new DLC Available


Patch 1.02 Falcom has revealed that the latest patch for Tokyo Xanadu has gone live on PSN. This patch addresses the following: While a message is up, using the ‘R’ button will activate the Auto-Message Functionality. A known issue that prevented being rewarded the ‘SSS Ranker’ trophy has been fixed. Various typos and omitted words …

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Nayuta no Kiseki Website Updates for 4/20/2012 – Gameplay Movie vol 1


Characters Page Updates to the characters page doesn’t really give us much more than two more silhouettes. (Did Mishie sneak into Nayuta???) An image of Noi with the pom case has been added as well: However, the highlight is what’s under the movie section of the website. We finally have our first gameplay video, against …

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Mistake on iTunes Listing for iOS Sorcerian


As a heads up, Sorcerian iOS is currently showing as ‘English language’ on iTunes. I have had confirmation via twitter from Aeria Games that this is, in fact, incorrect, and that the game is Japanese language only. @endlesshistory Hello, this is official account “Sorcerian for iOS”. It seems there was a mistake. Actual game language …

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Zero no Kiseki Evolution Website Updated – 4/13/2012


Both the Information and Product pages have been updated. The product page now includes the above color image of the Arianrhod nendoroid puchi. The information page: They reveal that the Zero Evo car will be racing in the Tokyo Drift competition this weekend on 4/14 and 4/15. As such, there will be goods for sale …

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Updates to the Zero no Kiseki Evolution Website


Two new sections for the Zero no Kiseki Evolution website have been updated. Information has a reminder that the Chara-Ani preorders will be closing soon (4/15- if you wish to preorder from Chara-Ani, note that they do not ship outside of Japan). There is also mention that it looks like they may be running a …

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Updates to the Zero no Kiseki Evolution Website


There are a number of new screens and interviews on the website. As this will probably be a image heavy post, everything will be under a cut.

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Updates to the Zero no Kiseki Evolution Website With Release Info


I apologize for the delay on this post. I should’ve had it done over a week ago. :( The following sections of the Zero no Kiseki Evolution website have been updated: System, Information, Movie, and Product Movie The movie should be recognizable as the one shown at the event a couple of weeks ago. System …

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Nayuta no Kiseki Teaser Site Updated


Just as it says, the teaser site for Nayuta no Kiseki has been updated. We now have our first glimpse of character art and the banner program has begun. EDIT: posted an article on the teaser site, but it doesn’t seem to show much other than speculation that there will be new information soon, …

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