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Falcom to Offer Music to Six Large Scale Music Distribution Services


Falcom has announced today that they will be having their music added to six major music playing/distribution services. They will be providing their 4,591 tracks that are already digitally available throughout 103 countries to the following music services: Apple Music LINE MUSIC Amazon Prime Music Google Play Music AWA KKBOX Starting immediately, the Tokyo Xanadu …

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Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution Original Soundtrack to be Released on 1/15/2016

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Falcom has announced that the Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution soundtrack will be on sale on 1/15/2016. It is currently available for preorder from their online shop. This, like other albums that have recently been released, will be available in standard formats via iTunes, Amazon, and mora. It will also be available in hi-res formats …

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Falcom Bisco Boxes and Tokyo Xanadu Calendar to be Released in December


Falcom has revealed that they will be, once again, releasing some Falcom character ‘Bisco’ boxes. Biscos are Glico’s popular cream filled cookies, and Falcom has had boxes of them released with their characters on the wrappers. In this case, they have two boxes: the Falcom Character Bisco All-Stars box vol. 2, and a Tokyo Xanadu …

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Falcom’s Official Tokyo Xanadu The Complete Guide Dated for 11/13 Release


This is a complete guide to the unusual phenomenon appearing in Tokyo. Complete analysis of Soul Devices, Cross Strikes, and other parts of the game system. The information is compiled to help find hidden quests, and provide strategies for the game’s dungeons. Additional 4koma comics drawn by Falcom Gakuen’s Daisuke Arakubo. Included is a product …

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Chapter 12 of the Trails in the Sky SC Manga to be Live on Famitsu Comic Clear on 10/16

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With Shinki Kitsutsuki back to work, it appears that the updates for the Trails in the Sky SC manga will be continuing. Falcom has announced that chapter 12 of the manga will be live tomorrow on 10/16. The comic’s current pace shows it as coming near the end of chapter 2 for Second Chapter. [ …

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Ys III J.D.K. Special Now Digitally Available on Amazon


Falcom has released the Ys III J.D.K. Special CD on Amazon. As always, the links in this article are for, but as Falcom is making these available on multiple regions of Amazon (by posting them on, if you can’t purchase digital albums from the US site, then check your own region- they may …

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