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Sen no Kiseki Super Arrange Version Samples Available

If you’re hyped for the Sen no Kiseki Super Arrange Version CD, you’re in luck- or maybe you may have the hype be a little more difficult. One and a half minute samples of each track were posted on iTunes. You can check out the samples below: The Sen no Kiseki Super Arrange CD will …

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Best Selection of Ys III Now Digitally Available on Amazon


Today, Falcom posted a new album to Amazon and various other online music services: Best Selection of Ys III. This is one of the albums that was included the Premium Music Box in Felghana addition that came with the limited edition sets of Oath in Felghana when it was first released. Tracks are $0.99 individually, …

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Photo of the Figures with the Ao no Kiseki Evolution Boxes in Dengeki Playstation


Have you been wanting to know what they look like? The five figures are pictured above. They are based on the swimsuits of the characters from the lake beach scenes in Ao no Kiseki. Many of them have detailings- such as Elie holding a tiny replica of the steel mug that Chara-Ani released, or the …

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Artwork for Chinese Tita Swimsuit Figurine Out


Early production art for a Chinese figurine of Tita from the swimsuit wallpaper was posted on a Chinese Falcom gaming blog. With both of these, it is also easy to assume that we will be seeing figures for Klose and Schera to be designed as well. [ Falcom China Blog ]

Falcom Unpublished Music 2007 Now Live on Amazon for Digital Purchase


Falcom uploaded the Falcom Unpublished Music 2007 album to multiple sources this week. One of which is internationally on Amazon. This album is a collection of multiple tracks that have either never been published or used in their games, as the title implies. You can find it for $5.99 for all of the tracks, or …

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New In-Progress Photo of the Chinese Estelle Figure


No paint yet, but it seems that the sculpt of the figurine is complete. [ FalcomChina Blog ]

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