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Falcom Academy Season Two Announced at Comiket


Falcom Gakuen season 2 was announced at Comic Market 86. As of this point, there are no details on when it will begin or what it will hold, but it shouldn’t be too different from the past episodes. More information is to come soon. For the time being, this is celebrated on the website with …

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New Cast Members Announced for Falcom Academy


The Falcom Academy anime series will see a batch of new characters appearing in coming episodes. Masako Oukochi – Anelace (Sora no Kiseki) Ryouhei Nakao – Kevin (Sora no Kiseki) Houko Kuwashima – Ries (Sora no Kiseki) Hidehiko Kanako – Kurz (Sora no Kiseki) Shiori Mikami – Aisha (Ys series) Hideyuki Tanaka – Eldiel (Ys …

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Two New Cast Members Announced for Falcom Gakuen


Eri Kitamura has been announced to be showing up as Lilia in the Falcom Gakuen series that runs on Sunday evenings. What’s bigger yet, is that Takeshi Kusao is on the list now, too- but he’s listed as “???” We will learn the role he’s playing in the series through episodes to come. [ Everyone …

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New Page and New Cast Members Revealed for the Falcom Academy Anime


A new page has been unveiled on Falcom’s website for the Falcom Academy anime that starts on 1/5. Along with the new website, new cast members have been unveiled. Dark Fact – Kazuyuki Okitsu Olivier – Takehito Koyasu Lloyd – Tetsuya Kakihara Tita – Hiromi Konno Renne – Kumiko Nishihara Dogi – Keisuke Baba Geis …

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Falcom Academy Anime to Broadcasting Begins on 1/5/2014 on TOKYO MX


Back in November, the “Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy” anime series was announced. This is going to be based on the gag-4koma series that has run in Falcom Magazine for quite some time. It’s now official that this anime series will kick off 2014, the year of the Kiseki series 10th anniversary, on Sunday, Jan 5th. …

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Details Emerge for Section23’s Release of the Trails in the Sky: The Animation


The above artwork may not be final. The following information has been revealed regarding the North American release of the Trails in the Sky OVAs: Title: THE LEGEND OF HEROES: TRAILS IN THE SKY Published by: Sentai Filmworks Distributed by: Section23 Films Run Time: 81 min. Street Date: 12/18/2012 Format: DVD Language: English & Japanese …

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Sentai Filmworks’ Comments on the Trails in the Sky OVA Localization


Last week, I reached out to Sentai Filmworks to find out more information from them regarding the release of the Trails in the Sky OVA series to English audiences. I finally received a response from Mike Bailiff of Section23 Films regarding my questions, providing answers from Sentai Filmworks. I had asked about whether or not …

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Sentai Filmworks Licenses the Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki OAV Series


Sentai Filmworks has announced today that they have acquired the licensing rights to the Sora no Kiseki OAV series, and that they will be releasing it for home video later this year. The text from the press release is below: HOUSTON, June 29, 2012 — The blood of heroes is a nice addition to any …

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