Falcom Releases LINE Sticker Set vol. 8


Falcom announced the LINE sticker set vol. 8 has been released. The stickers are released in a number of countries, but not all, so you will definitely want to verify in your own country if they’re available.

This set of stickers features Sen no Kiseki, and shows up right on the heels of the release of the English language Ys sticker set that was recently released for the instant messaging app.

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Preorders for the Orbment Watch Now Open on Falcom’s Online Store

B7YL5tCCYAADn-T.jpg large

I had previously reported that Chara-Ani had opened preorders for the orbment watches, but it appears that Falcom has opened preorders on their own online shop.

With this, it should make it easier for people outside of Japan to order the watch as well.

Falcom has the watches priced at 39,800 yen, but with taxes, it comes out to 42,984- the same as on Chara-Ani.

As the watches are in preorder status, they cannot be ordered with other items on Falcom’s website. They will be shipped out on 6/24/2015.

[ Product Page: Watch Type A ]
[ Product Page: Watch Type B ]


Orbment Watches Available for Preorder on Chara-Ani


Chara-Ani has revealed two versions of the highly demanded orbment watch, both of which are now available for preorder for 42,984 yen. Each watch has the options to be switched from a wrist watch or to a pocket watch chain.

These watches are using the Miyota 8N24 movements, which is an automatic watch movement. Automatic watches do not use batteries, rather they are wound by the body’s motion when being worn.


The specs for it are:
Watch Size: 38x46mm
Waterproofing: 5ATM (Everyday Use Waterproofing)
Watch Portion Materials: Stainless Steel
Band Materials: [Type A] Cowhide (Brown) | [Type B] Cowhide (Dark Brown)
Movement: [Type A] Miyota 8N24 (Silver) | [Type B] Miyota 8N24 (Gold)
Glass Material: Strengthened Crystal Glass
Accessories: Vanity Case, Chain

Data from Chara-Ani:
Sales: Chara-Ani
Release Date: 6/24/2015
Preorder Period: 12/25/2014 ~ 3/31/2015
Order Limit: 5 per person

From the look of Chara-Ani’s site, they are only making the number of watches preordered. If you want in, you have to preorder it.

[ Chara-Ani Website – Sora no Kiseki Orbment Watch Type A ]
[ Chara-Ani Website – Sora no Kiseki Orbment Watch Type B ]


Sen no Kiseki II Character Pass Cases Released By Official Club Mag

B0nRXcCCAAAKTu_.jpg large

Falcom has revealed that Official Club Mag has released 44 styles of pass cases, as pictured above, for Sen no Kiseki II. Each of the cases costs 1,728 yen.

The face of the case will feature one of a variety of Sen no Kiseki II characters, both in regular art (34 styles), and in SD (10 styles).


As you can see in the image above, the front of the case features the character artwork, whereas you can see the details of the pass, and use it for swiping as needed. The case is made of acrylic, and has a chain included for it. Its dimensions are 101x59x6mm.

You can find more information on the Official Club Mag website. You can also find special goods for Sen no Kiseki with the link below as well.

[ Official Club Mag ]


Photos of the Orbment Watch and Pocket Watch Option at User Request

B1AHrXvCQAEBQ6Q.jpg large

There have been talks of the orbment watch for quite some time now, with little to see towards the final design. Falcom has revealed today that they received a large request for the option to have it as a pocket watch from many fans.

Thanks to these requests, this will be the case!

They are planning to make it so that the wrist strap can be removed and a pocket watch chain can be attached. They are currently investigating a way to do this with its design.

There will be more details in the future regarding this much wanted tenth anniversary item.

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Falcom Selling a Variety of Goods at Comiket 86


Falcom will be at Summer Comiket for all three days this year: 8/15/2014 through 8/17. At the Tokyo Big Site, they will be located at booth 545 in the West 4th Floor Industry Booths.

Free 3D Fans


Falcom will be giving out three 3D fans- the art on which will be different on each day.

On 8/15 it will be Sen no Kiseki II, 8/16 will have Ao no Kiseki Evolution, and 8/17 will have Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy!

Goods for Sale

ao-evo_ostComiket Pre-Release Sale!
The Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki Evolution Original Soundtrack
Price: 3,000 yen

The awaited release of the fully arranged soundtrack for the PS Vita title. The soundtrack will also include the main them ‘Aoki Negai’ and the ending theme, ‘I’ll Pray For You ~Aoi Kiseki~.’

aoevo_basstowelThe Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki Microfiber Bath Towel
Price: 5,000 yen

A 100x130cm microfiber bath towel featuring the key artwork from Ao no Kiseki Evolution. You can use it to clean off sweat, or just hang it up for decoration.

joshua_silver_c86edThe Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki Joshua Duel Blades Silver Pendant -KISEKI10TH Anniversary Edition-
Price: 9,000 yen

To commemorate the Kiseki series 10th anniversary, a black plated version of this pendant features a motif of Joshua’s twin swords.

Materials: Silver 925, Swarovski crystal
Size: Approx. 3.5cm (pendant size), 45cm (chain)

renne_silver_c86edThe Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki Renne Silver Brooch -KISEKI10TH Anniversary Edition-
Price: 9,000 yen

To commemorate the Kiseki series 10th anniversary, this brooch has been changed to a silver pendant with a black plating, featuring the motif of Renne’s silhouette.

Materials: Silver 925
Size: Approx 2.7cm (pendant size), 45cm (chain)

dodekatapeThe Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II Large Fullbody Tapestries (Miriam / Altina)
Price: 5,000 yen

The newest arrivals to the large, full-body tapestry series, featuring Miriam and Altina!

Size: 515x1500cm
Materials: Fabric: Polysuede, Pole: PVC
Printing: Sublimation Printing

sen_lavThe Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Rubber Straps Summer Comiket Limited Set
Price: 5,000 yen

The adorable rubber strap set featuring the characters of Sen no Kiseki. Limited to summer Comiket, you will be able to buy them all together in a pack of ten.

Characters: Rean, Alisa, Elliot, Laura, Jusis, Machias, Fie, Emma, Gaius, Mishie

alisa_TshirtsThe Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II ‘I have returned!’ Alisa-chan T-Shirt
Price: 3,000 yen

A t-shirt featuring this image of Alisa.
Sizes: S / M / L / LL

sen_poroshirtsThe Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II Polo T-Shirt
Price: 4,000 yen

A polo t-shirt that features the emblem of the Thor’s Military Academy embroidered on it.

Size: S / M / L / LL

Blu-Ray Falcom jdk BAND 2013 Super Live in NIHONBASHI MITSUI HALL
With limited Summer Comiket Limited Item

Price: 8,000 yen

The blu-ray recording of the jdk band concert from 12/21/2013, featuring extra making of footage, audio commentary, and a special episode of jdkTV.

135 minutes + Bonus Footage
Media: blu-ray disc
Summer Comiket Bonus Item: Mishie Bromide

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