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[Spoiler Alert!] Sen no Kiseki II Storefront PV Available on Youtube

Sen no Kiseki II’s storefront trailer that’s been sent to the various Sofmap stores has now surfaced on youtube. AS A WARNING, IT SPOILS SEN NO KISEKI’S ENDING. PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO ACCOUNT.

Falcom’s Calendar Site Has Been Updated


Falcom has updated their calendar website with a new wallpaper. This wallpaper features artwork of Lloyd and Rixia from Sen no Kiseki II. You can find the above wallpaper in the following resolutions: 1024×768 1280×960 1920×1080 1920×1200 In the meanwhile, there’s a new item on the calendar, as well. Falcom has added the KISEKI jdk …

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Recollection of Ys vols 1 and 2 Available Digitally on


Two collections of Ys music have been released digitally on Amazon. Recollections of Ys vol 1 is a collection of original versions of Ys music, spanning from the PC98 to Ys Complete. Volume 2 is made up of multiple arranges from Super Arrange versions to New Age versions. As always, the links in this article …

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Ao no Kiseki Evolution Digest Available [Major Spoilers in the Video]


Chara-Ani has released a digest version of the opening for Ao no Kiseki Evolution. You can find it below. Please note that there are MAJOR spoilers in this video.

Falcom Calendar Wallpapers Updated for June


The month of June will see a flurry of activity for the Kiseki series. On 6/24, later this month, we will finally arrive to the day that Sora no Kiseki was originally released for the PC back in 2004. As a result, there are a lot of releases related to the series, as featured on …

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“Making of” Video Released for Ao no Kiseki Evolution’s Opening


If you’re interested in the process that went behind making the Ao no Kiseki Evolution opening, feel free to check out the latest video posted to the official website. Please take note: there are major Ao no Kiseki spoilers in this video. Ao no Kiseki Evolution will be released on June 16th. [ Ao no …

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