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Check Out the Amazing Sora no Kiseki Evolution April Fool’s Page


While it may be March 31st in North America, some parts of the world (especially Japan) are already on April 1st. Falcom’s not always indulged in big April Fool’s shenanigans, but it seems that Chara-Ani has definitely jumped in on it by changing the top page of the Ao no Kiseki Evolution Website to feature …

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Falcom Calendar Page Updated With May Wallpaper


The newest Falcom calendar wallpaper is released, this one featuring the cast of Sen no Kiseki II. You can find the wallpaper in the following resolutions: 1024×768 1280×960 1920×1080 1920×1200 Also noted is that the calendar has been updated with the dates that the company is closed for the month of May. May includes Golden …

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Sen no Kiseki II Website Updated – 3/27/2014


System Field Attack Like in the previous games, you are able to attack enemies on the field through well timed actions. However, now in Sen no Kiseki II, you will be able to perform successive field attacks, and in some cases not only will you stun enemies, but you can break objects, and you may …

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Falcom Calendar Updated for March 2014 – Nayuta no Kiseki Getting a PSP the Best Release on 3/20/2014


Falcom has updated their calendar site with March 2014′s calendar wallpaper. This one features Nayuta no Kiseki, as it appears that the PSP the Best version goes on sale on 3/20/2014. I’ll add the new release date to the calendar. It needs stuff. [ Falcom Calendar ]

PV Revealed for ‘Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy’


The promo video for the Falcom Academy anime has been released! It’s a short video, but it will give you an idea of what to expect when it starts its broadcast in Jan 2014.

Falcom Calendar Updated – New Wallpaper Posted


Falcom’s updated the monthly calendar on their website to release their December wallpaper, focused on Sen no Kiseki once again. It is available in the following resolutions: 1024×768 1280×960 1920×1080 1920×1200 There are several things added to the calendar, including something to not be confused by- Sen no Kiseki’s original soundtrack is shown on two …

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