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PV Revealed for ‘Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy’


The promo video for the Falcom Academy anime has been released! It’s a short video, but it will give you an idea of what to expect when it starts its broadcast in Jan 2014.

Sen no Kiseki Footage with Dengeki’s Live TGS Show

Dengeki got to have Falcom’s president, Toshihiro Kondo, sit with them and show them live gameplay footage of Sen no Kiseki at TGS this year. See the video below for the 30 minute segment from their Live Nicodouga show.

Offscreen Footage of Sen no Kiseki from Japanator’s Elliot Gay


Japanator’s Elliot Gay has posted off-screen video footage of PS3 version of Sen no Kiseki from Tokyo Game Show this year. The video itself is posted below, but for more details, please visit the article linked below as well. Also, he has posted his first impressions of the PSVita version of the game. I have …

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Official Playstation Sen no Kiseki Video Live


As the wait for the game gets shorter and shorter, a new video has gone live on Sony’s official youtube channel. This video features a few more new sights that have not been seen from Falcom yet.

New Sen no Kiseki Video Posted on Falcom’s Facebook


A new video has been posted, leading into Tokyo Game Show. This doesn’t appear to be our big demo movie that should be out any day now. It appears to be made mostly of clips that have already been seen in commercials, but instead it’s an hour long.

A New Type of Combat Is Revealed in the Latest Sen no Kiseki Commercial

BTZft-2CIAA1Apl.jpg large

Of course, this is through assumptions only with the new commercial, but it looks like we may have mecha combat in Sen no Kiseki. The end point is, the third commercial is now live. (They’re such teases since the trailer is due out any day now!) Feel free to check it out below.

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