jdkTV Episode 18 Now Available on NicoDouga


Episode 18 of jdkTV features part of the talk show with Toshiharu Okajima and Toshihiro Kondo during the Falcom Exhibit that took place during September.

Okaji and Kondo pour over a chronological list of games released by Falcom with many anecdotes for in-company development. One of the things that Kondo points out that Ys I Eternal is a turning point game for the company. Many of the games that preceded it were enjoyed, even by the staff, as players of the games. And those earlier games ended up influencing the development of the games that have been made from Ys I Eternal and onwards.

There are a lot of interesting comments made regarding the company’s history- such as the debate between making a new Ys title (which would become Ys VI), or making Ys III Eternal- or Kondo’s first Falcom title. There’s talk about Xanadu Next and the effect that Sora no Kiseki FC had on the company, as well.

The interview is cut short, however, with a promise that it will be to be continued in the next jdkTV episode. So stay tuned!


The end of the video is marked with a short excerpt from one of the Falcom jdk Live & Talk Show events on 9/27, with the band playing an acoustic version of Fate of the Fairies from Sora no Kiseki SC. (Despite the mislabeling on the video?)

You can find the full video here.


Tickets Going on Sale for the Next Falcom jdk BAND Live & Talk Show Happening on 11/29


EDITED on 11/21/2014: The streaming info on NicoDouga has been added to the article.

The sixth Falcom jdk BAND Live & Talk Show happens on 11/29/2014, focusing on the post-release talk about Sen no Kiseki II. Like the other events, this will also be at the Loft Plus One in Shinjuku.

The doors will open at 18:00 Japan time, and the show itself will start at 19:00.

Starting at 11/15/2014, you will be able to purchase tickets through tixee and e+ for 2,000 yen. You can purchase tickets at the door for 2,500 yen.

In attendance at the event will be:
Toshihiro Kondo (Falcom President)
Toshiharu Okajima (Falcom jdk BAND drummer)
Mizuki Mizutani (Falcom jdk BAND violinist)
Daisuke Miyazaki (Falcom jdk BAND guitarist)
Atsushi Enomoto (Falcom jdk BAND bassist)
Kanako Kotera (Falcom jdk BAND vocalist)

The webpage is promising that the event will feature Kondo talking about the production behind Sen no Kiseki II, as a note, it will be best to have cleared the game by the time the event takes place, since there will likely be spoiler information given out during the event.

The other events have been streamed live on Nicodouga, but in the past, this announcement hasn’t been made until days before the event. There will be an update once things get closer to the event regarding whether or not it will be streamed live.

11/21 Update
Falcom has announced that this will be presented live on Loft Plus One’s NicoDouga channel.

The channel is located here.

If you don’t have a paid NicoDouga account, and wish to TimeShift the event, you will want to do at least an hour before it airs to have access to it.

[ Falcom jdk Band Live & Talk Show Page ]


User’s Choice Voting for the Playstation Awards 2014 Begins on 10/29/2014

B0m7fORCIAE-wbf.png large

10/29/2014 marks the beginning of the user voting for the User’s Choice Award with the Playstation Awards for this year. All users will be able to vote for the games released over the course of the year for all Playstation platforms.

Since the release of Zero no Kiseki for the PSP, Falcom has come away from the Playstation Awards with one of these every year. Will this year, with Sen no Kiseki II’s release, be like the others? The votes and the future will tell us for sure.

[ Playstation Awards Website ]


Falcom Gakuen Season 2 and Other Announcements at the Comic Market 86 Falcom Talk Show


Comic Market 86, which is known as the largest exhibition of fan made creations in the world, ran at the Tokyo Big Site on 8/15 through 8/17. At the event, there is an industry section where game makers and other professional teams are able to sell special limited goods and display upcoming projects. As usual, every day at Comiket saw large crowds, and Falcom was one of the companies present to see the crowds.

On 8/16, the second day of Comiket, Falcom held a talk show event at their booth in the industry section, called ‘Okaji and Kotekana’s Falcom News Broadcast.’ This talk show was hosted by jdk Band lead/drummer Toshiharu Okajima and singer Kanako Kotera. The first 40 people to receive a ticket when shopping at their booth would have the opportunity to see the talk show.

With Okaji in his white lab coat and coke bottle glasses and Kanako in a maid outfit, once the area had been filled with participants, the show began.


The first part of the show involved a video that Kanako had recorded featuring behind the scenes footage of her trip to Hong Kong at the end of July for the Ani-Com event. Video footage included backstage shots, video of Kanako swimming at the pool, and even a video of her sleeping- with her face obscured through a mosaic by the staff. (Along with Kanako proclaiming that she’ll get her revenge for that shot!) Last but not least, the footage included images of Kanako and Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo greeting fans at Ani-Com.

The next piece of news is related to the first international jdk Band concert which will be held on 9/13 in Taiwan. Kanako was excited to reveal that the show is nearly sold out, and to commemorate the success of the show, a free custom theme for Sen no Kiseki will be available on the Asia Playstation Store from 9/11 to 9/16. Furthermore, at the event itself, it’s been decided that two lucky attendees will win a walkman and headphone set with hi-res tracks from the Kiseki series pre-installed.

To continue the string of live events after the Taiwan concert, on 9/27, the Falcom jdk BAND Live and Talk Show vol. 5 will take place at the usual Loft Plus One venue. On 10/25, at the Tachikawa Anikyan event, a talk event for Tio’s Falcom Radio will occur as well. Not only that, but from 9/12 through 9/28, a Falcom Exhibit will be on display at Multicity Shibuya was also announced.

The reveal of the Falcom Exhibit drew a surprise from the crowd, as it was the first announcement of such an event. While this event is being held alongside the Kiseki series 10th anniversary, the exhibit will show a display of various items throughout Falcom’s history including rare limited goods while music will play through the venue. Kanako even commented that after the Taiwan concert, the band members may try to slip into the venue while incognito.


Towards the end of the event, they were interrupted with a shout of ‘Go Fight!’ and sudden StarTrader music. Along with it, the monitors flashed on to images for the ‘Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen’ anime, with the text to announce its second season, causing a loud applause from the guests. The broadcast dates and time will be announced on a future date- so pay attention to Falcom’s website for more details.


Once the event concluded, guests had the opportunity to meet up with Okaji and Kanako for handshakes, autographs, and hi-fives as well.



[ GameWatch Event Report ]


Next jdk BAND Live & Talk Show Event to be Live Streamed on Nico Douga


The decision is in! Loft Plus One will be live streaming the event on their Nico Douga channel. If you don’t have a paid account for Nico Douga, you should go ahead and set your time shift now, so that you don’t forget.

You can find the entry page for the stream here.

The event will take place this weekend at 13:00 Japan time. You can find details at my original post, located here

[ Falcom jdk BAND Live & Talk Show vol. 4 Webpage ]


Falcom Selling a Variety of Goods at Comiket 86


Falcom will be at Summer Comiket for all three days this year: 8/15/2014 through 8/17. At the Tokyo Big Site, they will be located at booth 545 in the West 4th Floor Industry Booths.

Free 3D Fans


Falcom will be giving out three 3D fans- the art on which will be different on each day.

On 8/15 it will be Sen no Kiseki II, 8/16 will have Ao no Kiseki Evolution, and 8/17 will have Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy!

Goods for Sale

ao-evo_ostComiket Pre-Release Sale!
The Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki Evolution Original Soundtrack
Price: 3,000 yen

The awaited release of the fully arranged soundtrack for the PS Vita title. The soundtrack will also include the main them ‘Aoki Negai’ and the ending theme, ‘I’ll Pray For You ~Aoi Kiseki~.’

aoevo_basstowelThe Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki Microfiber Bath Towel
Price: 5,000 yen

A 100x130cm microfiber bath towel featuring the key artwork from Ao no Kiseki Evolution. You can use it to clean off sweat, or just hang it up for decoration.

joshua_silver_c86edThe Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki Joshua Duel Blades Silver Pendant -KISEKI10TH Anniversary Edition-
Price: 9,000 yen

To commemorate the Kiseki series 10th anniversary, a black plated version of this pendant features a motif of Joshua’s twin swords.

Materials: Silver 925, Swarovski crystal
Size: Approx. 3.5cm (pendant size), 45cm (chain)

renne_silver_c86edThe Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki Renne Silver Brooch -KISEKI10TH Anniversary Edition-
Price: 9,000 yen

To commemorate the Kiseki series 10th anniversary, this brooch has been changed to a silver pendant with a black plating, featuring the motif of Renne’s silhouette.

Materials: Silver 925
Size: Approx 2.7cm (pendant size), 45cm (chain)

dodekatapeThe Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II Large Fullbody Tapestries (Miriam / Altina)
Price: 5,000 yen

The newest arrivals to the large, full-body tapestry series, featuring Miriam and Altina!

Size: 515x1500cm
Materials: Fabric: Polysuede, Pole: PVC
Printing: Sublimation Printing

sen_lavThe Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Rubber Straps Summer Comiket Limited Set
Price: 5,000 yen

The adorable rubber strap set featuring the characters of Sen no Kiseki. Limited to summer Comiket, you will be able to buy them all together in a pack of ten.

Characters: Rean, Alisa, Elliot, Laura, Jusis, Machias, Fie, Emma, Gaius, Mishie

alisa_TshirtsThe Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II ‘I have returned!’ Alisa-chan T-Shirt
Price: 3,000 yen

A t-shirt featuring this image of Alisa.
Sizes: S / M / L / LL

sen_poroshirtsThe Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II Polo T-Shirt
Price: 4,000 yen

A polo t-shirt that features the emblem of the Thor’s Military Academy embroidered on it.

Size: S / M / L / LL

Blu-Ray Falcom jdk BAND 2013 Super Live in NIHONBASHI MITSUI HALL
With limited Summer Comiket Limited Item

Price: 8,000 yen

The blu-ray recording of the jdk band concert from 12/21/2013, featuring extra making of footage, audio commentary, and a special episode of jdkTV.

135 minutes + Bonus Footage
Media: blu-ray disc
Summer Comiket Bonus Item: Mishie Bromide

[ Falcom Comiket 86 Website ]