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Check Out the Amazing Sora no Kiseki Evolution April Fool’s Page


While it may be March 31st in North America, some parts of the world (especially Japan) are already on April 1st. Falcom’s not always indulged in big April Fool’s shenanigans, but it seems that Chara-Ani has definitely jumped in on it by changing the top page of the Ao no Kiseki Evolution Website to feature …

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White Witch, Ao Evolution, and Sen no Kiseki II at the Falcom Event From Saturday

Falcom presented an opportunity over the weekend to hear from Japan’s “number one” White Witch fan! That would be president Toshihiro Kondo himself. A small group from the jdk Band also assembled to perform an acoustic concert that was focused entirely on White Witch, as well, since it had its 20th anniversary last week. This …

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Falcom Acoustic Live and Talk Show for 3/29 to be Live Streamed on Nico Douga

Falcom has announced today that the Acoustic Live and Talk Show this weekend on 3/29 will be live streamed on Nico Douga. You can find it at the Loft Plus One nicodouga channel here. As a reminder, you can only Time Shift before the event if you don’t have a Premium Nico Douga account. The …

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Yuko Minaguchi and Yuu Asakawa to Appear at AnimeBoston!


AnimeBoston has added two Japanese voice actresses to their roster: Yuko Minaguchi and Yuu Asakawa. Yuko Minaguchi is the Japanese voice actress that has played Klose Rinz (Kloe in Trails in the Sky) in the Kiseki series. She has appeared in Sora no Kiseki FC, SC, the 3rd, and Ys vs Sora no Kiseki. While …

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Falcom Acoustic Live and Talk Show Details for 3/29


Falcom has recently unveiled some information for what to expect at the upcoming Acoustic Live and Talk Show in March. This event will remain in theme with the Kiseki series 10th Anniversary, and they have titled the talks with Kondo as being “From White Witch to Sen no Kiseki II” – which implies that this …

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Next Falcom Acoustic Live and Talk Show Scheduled for 3/29

There is very little on the exact details, such a time and whatnot, but at the previous event on Friday night, the next talk show was announced, and that they would be doing it around noon. I’m adding the date to the calendar, and I will post updates as they come. [ Falcom Acoustic Live …

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