[Administration] Extended Hiatus


This is something I’ve been fighting for awhile, on and off, as I’m sure anyone who’s seen my personal twitter can attest to.

And this is, most definitely, not something I’ve wanted to do. (And certainly don’t want my readers to have to suffer from a news site notorious for its poor translations! I’m sorry!)

However, my life has been chaotic with my job hunt, apartment hunt, a number of personal projects and so forth, that it’s gotten to where I can’t put a lot of focus on here for the time being. This is a break that I feel that I need, and something that will help me come back to this site with rest and the proper attitudes to complete it. And perhaps some new changes that I’ve been mulling over, but not having had the time to fully implement yet.

I will still report what I can on twitter. You can find me there as @EndlessHistory.

And somehow, this can be anything from two weeks to two or three months. I just need to get myself sorted, and get everything else handled. I am very, very very sorry that it had to come this way. I just want to be able to serve the fan community I love in a far better capacity than I have of late. The first step to do that is that I need to take a break, and get everything else in order.

Once this is said and done, I’ll happily do what I can to jump back into the fray! I promise that I will miss everyone and writing on here and stuff, and I hope that people are willing to stick around and wait for me to get my life back in gear.

Thank you all for your support and everything you have done for me so far! I don’t think I can show enough appreciation to you in words alone, and hope that I can make up for this in the future.


[Editorial] Regarding Suspicious Retail Listings


Once upon a time, my best friend would call me the ‘crusher of hopes and dreams.’ It’s almost like Dogi and walls, but makes the world a little more sad sometimes. This is because I try to provide a realistic view of things, and I would like to take a moment and give people that chance now.

Yes, this is absolutely prompted by the listings on GAMES.es regarding ‘Trails of Cold Steel.’

Let me start by pointing out the glaringly obvious thing- this is the fact that GAMES.es is showing ‘NAMCO’ as the publisher… yet back in January, the name was found having been registered by XSEED Games.

“But what about European publishers?” You may ask. Or what about the fact that GAMES.es seems to use NAMCO as a place holder publisher. Sure, I’ll give you both of those.

But let’s look at XSEED Games again, since our only piece of real evidence comes from the registered domain- and let’s just assume that it’s Sen no Kiseki, because we need to remember that XSEED has yet to give any response to confirm or deny this speculation as well!

We know that XSEED Games is currently working on Trails in the Sky SC for release for Steam and PSP, as they’ve tweeted about it. We can also look back at how long it took XSEED to release FC, and it was about a year and a half of work. SC has been well over three years’ worth. And at this point, it’s just been a year and a half since Sen no Kiseki’s release.

To think that we’ve not had a single hint or clue or announcement from XSEED themselves and the game is expected for release in October is kind of wild. Especially if they have had resources tied into SC of late, which I can promise has been happening. Any chance of XSEED releasing Sen no Kiseki in English at all in 2015 is simply setting up unrealistic expectations. I think it’s very important that people remember that.

Besides, it’s not outside of the realm that it’s just a retailer trying to draw attention for a preorder. Amazon most certainly has done it before.


As linked above, Amazon has had- and still has- the Last Guardian up for preorder for the PS3. This game was announced at E3 six years ago, and we have yet to see any hint of a release for it, due to internal issues with Sony, Fumito Ueda, and the game’s development. Amazon, yet, continues to give people some hope. Despite the repeated incidents of rumored cancellations and Sony squashing them, that preorder remains valid on Amazon’s site as they dutifully change the release date each year. Retailers make these connections in hopes to keep customers and gauge interest in possible future titles.

This, to me, doesn’t mean confirmation of a game’s release at all. In fact, XSEED has said this on multiple times that the only time you should trust a release date from them is when they themselves announce it.

If you want my personal opinion, I think it’s for the best if people sit back and not let their own excitement get the better of them right now. I can promise it would only lead to disappointment in the likely event that the game isn’t even announced come October, let alone released. It’s most definitely not enough evidence to warrant me adding a ‘Trails of Cold Steel’ tag here anyway.


Major Changes Happening Here



Yes, I realize the slider is totally out of date when I took this screenshot. Whoops.

There are some major changes happening to the website, both under the hood and design-wise.

The first, I’m sure not many people will notice immediately, as it’s a minor change to the header of the site. In this case, I’ve tweaked it to look somewhat more uniform with the business cards that I’ve had printed from when I went to PAX South.

B741VT7CQAAL83e.jpg large

Other changes is that the “Wiki” link is no longer on the menu. I am in the process of integrating a WordPress based wiki system into the site, and then I will begin the long and arduous task of transferring the current data from the old, outdated wiki into the new system. There will probably be a bunch of hiccups with it, as well. Once I have something that is workable running for this, the link will return to the menu.

If you want access to poke around with the wiki, though, you can find it here!

Last, but not least, you may not notice this if you’re viewing my site from a desktop, but I now have a mobile version. I’ve begun the process of making iOS and Android icons for if you bookmark my site as well. This will be a test for the time being, but if this works out well, I may upgrade the mobile system to a Pro version to allow me more freedom in its design.

My header is also looking terrible with some new social media icons. I may go through a way to try and fix them, but in the meantime, it will probably be turned off.

While these changes are going into place, there may be some things that break here and there. If you find any errors (especially PHP ones!), please note them in the comments, send me a tweet about them, or an email.

Thank you for your patience with this!


[Editorial] The Origin of the Title of ‘Ys’ and its Misspelling


With the recent announcement of the PS4 Ys title, I have seen so many people commenting with the erroneous ‘Y’s’ misspelling that seems to be everywhere. What about the origin of the title itself? Or the origin of the misspelling?

The series roots itself into a fantasy retelling of our own world. Most of the cities and nations are slight renames of what actually existed in Europe. Looking at the map below will actually show you many of those names.


Nevertheless, the Ys series is rooted in old Breton mythology, of all things. Often called ‘Caer Ys,’ the myth tells the story of a beautiful city built by Gradlon Mawr, that was said to be once located in the Bay of Douarnenez in Brittany. After Gradlon’s conversion to Christianity, he intended this city to be a great capital to his newfound faith. However, his first love, was enraged by this, and her daugher, Dahut, vowed vengeance.

Flight of King Gradlon, by E. V. Luminais. Source: Wikipedia
Flight of King Gradlon, by E. V. Luminais. Source: Wikipedia

Dahut would find different suitors and bring them with her each night. So they could never see her face, they were given a mask- which would then strangle them and kill them, after which she would throw the body into the sea.

This continued until a knight in red came to Ys, and met with Dahut. As a storm broke that night, the knight convinced her to steal the key from Gradlon, and used it to open the gates, which caused the city to be flooded.

I’ve read different versions of the myth- some where it claims where the main in red is the devil, trying to destroy a capital built to Christianity, or that it was an agent of God starting a chain of events to rid the world of a demonic princess.

In the end, as Gradlon and Dahut went to escape, they couldn’t, because the weight of them combined was too much for Gradlon’s winged horse- and Saint Gwenole showed to tell him to kill her- to throw Dahut into the sea. It was then when Gradlon realized the true nature of his child and he did as commanded, where she was with the god of the sea and turned into a mermaid.

Some sailors even say that in the Dournenez Bay, if you listen at night, you can hear Dahut’s singing as she sits upon a rock, brushing her hair.

Now, to get to the title used in the series, and the continuous use of ‘Y’s.’ You have seen the image at the top of the page- this is a t-shirt that Falcom released with cooperation from Mars16. The text on the shirt says the following:

Ys is a Japanese-origin computer role-playing game series, and Nihon Falcom corporation’s flagship franchise. It started on the NEC PC-8801 in 1987, Ys titles appear on the MSX2, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, Famicom, Super NES, PC, Playstation 2, PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 CD-ROM, and cellular phone.
“Y’s” arises from a typographical error in the packaging of the English-language versions of the Sega Master System.

(Emphasis is mine)

Y’s is a typo that happened early on with the series, and as it seems to be continuously propagated by many different sources, it seems to be confusing to this day whether the series is ‘Ys’ or ‘Y’s.’ Don’t worry. It’s definitely ‘Ys.’

And it’s pronounced like ‘fleece’ – just without the ‘fl.’


[Administration] Extra Life 2014 Is Coming Soon


It’s getting close to that time again. This year, on October 25th, I will be participating in my fifth Extra Life alongside the rest of Sanctuary Crew Gaming. Extra Life is a 24-hour marathon of gaming with the intention to raise money for the Children’s Medical Network hospitals to help combat pediatric cancer.

This will be the one time I will make requests for money extensively, but in this case, it will not be for myself. I will be playing for the Children’s Medical Center located in my hometown of Dallas, Texas. This hospital has done so much for the community here, and many children that have grown up here, like myself, have been influenced by it in one way or another.

I will, most likely, play a number of Falcom games come this year’s Extra Life. There may also be an attempt to stomach Castlevania Lords of Shadow as the Sanctuary Crew seems to absolutely love to see me suffer. This will, of course, be streamed live.

But in the end, it will be worth it. My suffering over a terrible game can’t be anywhere near what these kids that we play for go through everyday.

As we get closer, Sanctuary Crew will probably be running some raffles. My close connections with members of XSEED Games has allowed me to get some codes for the past two years- and it will definitely be something that I try to do again this year. I might even have some codes that are relevant to the interests of my readers~ Stay tuned!

You can donate any amount- though the recommended is $1 per hour of the marathon, totaling to $24. I will not see the money, as it goes directly to the Children’s Miracle Network to be sent to my selected hospital. So there’s no worry about me taking money from you. If you are interested in pitching some money towards the event for me, please check out the link at the top of the sidebar.

I hope to see everyone drop by during the stream! I’ll post more details as I learn more!

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Minor Backend Updates to the Site and Tumblr Integration Completed


Did I seriously open an account at tumblr? So it seems. Clearly, it seems very empty in the screenshot above, but that should change soon.

In order to further my plans for world domination, you can find my site’s tumblr accouont at esteriornet.tumblr.com. The primary purpose for this isn’t that much unlike twitter- it’s basically yet another place for news notifications, but on a different social media than just twitter.

As a result, I’ve made some new integration changes on the back end to help the site with crossposting to tumblr as well as make the twitter notifications. And I may be getting myself in trouble for this, but I’ve opened up asks there as well. Feel free to keep using ask.fm if that’s your prerogative, though.

My next project should be eventually integration to Facebook and Google+ which will give me plenty of coverage across multiple social media sites, and allow me to maintain some semblance of control over my content and news. It also means yet another avenue to spread the love of Falcom and their games while we’re at it.

As a result, since there’s a completely new system integrated into the website, there may be things breaking here and there. Let me know through any of the places available to contact me!

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@EndlessHistory on Twitter
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