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This is for any updates that are specific to Endless History. You can find administration updates, as well as editorials.

[Editorial] The Origin of the Title of ‘Ys’ and its Misspelling


With the recent announcement of the PS4 Ys title, I have seen so many people commenting with the erroneous ‘Y’s’ misspelling that seems to be everywhere. What about the origin of the title itself? Or the origin of the misspelling? The series roots itself into a fantasy retelling of our own world. Most of the …

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[Administration] Extra Life 2014 Is Coming Soon


It’s getting close to that time again. This year, on October 25th, I will be participating in my fifth Extra Life alongside the rest of Sanctuary Crew Gaming. Extra Life is a 24-hour marathon of gaming with the intention to raise money for the Children’s Medical Network hospitals to help combat pediatric cancer. This will …

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Minor Backend Updates to the Site and Tumblr Integration Completed


Did I seriously open an account at tumblr? So it seems. Clearly, it seems very empty in the screenshot above, but that should change soon. In order to further my plans for world domination, you can find my site’s tumblr accouont at The primary purpose for this isn’t that much unlike twitter- it’s basically …

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[EDITORIAL] Happy Tenth Anniversary, Kiseki Series! Picspam Unboxing of the Original Trilogy Limited Sets

On 6/24/2004, the first game in the Kiseki series would be released in Japan as The Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki. As this title was released, there was no hint at all as for what the series would bring with it- which is arguably one of the most expansive worlds designed for an …

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[Throwback Thursday] Farewell to the Playstation Portable


You know, in most cases, I wouldn’t exactly look back at a “semi” recent console for Throwback Thursday, but this one is topical! On Tuesday, June 3rd, Sony announced that they will be cease shipments of the handheld in lieu of the new value packs for the PlayStation Vita. For people who have been following …

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[Throwback Thursday] Legacy of the Wizard

Source: Black Rabite @ Gamefaqs (

Song selection: All Together Now from the Falcom Legend doujin album When people ask what my first Falcom game is, I sometimes have to ask “the first game I played *knowingly* as a Falcom game?” –that would kind of be Ys III, since I sought that one out to actually play. But first game I …

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