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[Translation Tuesday] Songs of Kiseki – Zero no Kiseki

This week’s Translation Tuesday continues the ‘Songs of Kiseki’ series from Yotaka. Way of Life is the opening theme for Zero no Kiseki, the first game of the Crossbell duology. The second, Cerulean Blue Love, is the new closing theme that was recorded for Zero no Kiseki Evolution on the Vita. Once again, the formatting …

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[Fandom Friday] 01: Scanslations, Podcasts, Art, and Thoughts!

Today marks the first Fandom Friday, this is the column where I will feature fan works and contributions to the English-speaking Falcom fan community. These works can span all sorts of areas, but todays will feature two relatively big updates that may be of interest to everyone. If you are interested in submitting more to …

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[Site Update] New Column: Fandom Friday


So, I was planning to start highlighting the amazing Falcom fandom. And what was originally going to be a matter of simply writing about things like Scanslation releases, or podcasts…. fanart, cosplay, fanfiction, etc… But then I realized that I need to take time out of the news with this site to give huge shoutouts …

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[Translation Tuesday] Songs of Kiseki – Cry For Me, Cry For You & Skygazing

This week, once again, continues on with Yotaka’s translations of song lyrics from the Kiseki series. This time around, we have the opening and closing songs for Sora no Kiseki the 3rd (Trails in the Sky the 3rd), which is expected to be released on Steam and GoG by XSEED Games in Spring 2017. This …

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[Translation Tuesday] Songs of Kiseki – Silver Will, Golden Wings & I Swear…

Many apologizes for missing the last Translation Tuesday, as real life has been trying to drag me away with it, all while I’m trying to finish Cold Steel II. I’m almost done, though, so normality will return to this site soon, I promise. Once again, I bring about a translation from Yotaka, and like last …

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[Translation Tuesday] – The Songs of Kiseki – Sora no Kiseki and Hoshi no Arika

This week’s Translation Tuesday features translated lyrics for the opening and ending songs from Trails in the Sky, translated by Yotaka.

[Translation…. Wednesday??] Bonus! Ring of Judgment Complete Download

Not really a full Translation Tuesday, and it’s even an off week today. The next Translation Tuesday goes live next Tuesday! Instead, as requested, since the entire run of Ring of Judgment is complete, I’ve compiled all the chapters into a single .rar file, complete with the two bonus pages. This is especially appropriate with …

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[Translation Tuesday] Ys Timeline – The Ancient Civilization and Related Events Part 2 – Errata

This week’s Translation Tuesday is a continuation of the timeline that was posted on 7/21/2016. This includes various side bits of information from the same book, as well as an additional timeline from the Ys Global Guidebook, another interesting material book, that was published in 1989, and focused entirely on the settings for Ys I …

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