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[Translation Tuesday] Songs of Kiseki – Trails of Cold Steel

This week’s Translation Tuesday continues the ‘Songs of Kiseki’ series from Yotaka. This week, we’ll be tackling songs tied to Trails of Cold Steel. As such, this has three songs, instead of two. Since Aria of the Saint was originally part of the Super Arrange Album, before it came up in Trails of Cold Steel …

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[Fandom Friday] 03: Ys Fanart, Kiseki Scanslations, and Ys VIII Cosplay

This week is a small Fandom Friday, but I promise it’s a good one. This one will be pretty focused on Ys, obviously from the title. I have recently come across a brilliant Ys fanart to share, so that has been included in this week’s feature, as well.

[Translation Tuesday] Songs of Kiseki – Ao no Kiseki

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! And I hope that everyone, no matter where you are, is having a good week this week. This week’s Translation Tuesday is, once again, part of the ‘Songs of Kiseki’ series from Yotaka. This time, it features two songs from Ao no Kiseki (Trails of Azure)- titled Aoi Kiseki …

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Extra Life 2016 Giveaway for Nov 12, 2016

It’s that time of year again! Extra Life’s official gameday was this past Saturday, 11/5. However, due to real life obligations, I’ve postponed my gameday for 11/12- this coming Saturday. While Extra Life has done an amazing job so far, earning upwards to $7 million dollars, we’re not done yet and the donations remain open …

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[Fandom Friday] 02: Fanart, Fan RPG Boards, and Doujinshi

Welcome to the second column for Fandom Friday! I’ve got a submission in today’s entry, so you will see that below. Also included are some images- I’ve found some fanart to share, as well as provided some photos of series of doujinshi that I’ve had in my personal collection for years. There are a lot …

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[Translation Tuesday] Songs of Kiseki – Zero no Kiseki

This week’s Translation Tuesday continues the ‘Songs of Kiseki’ series from Yotaka. Way of Life is the opening theme for Zero no Kiseki, the first game of the Crossbell duology. The second, Cerulean Blue Love, is the new closing theme that was recorded for Zero no Kiseki Evolution on the Vita. Once again, the formatting …

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[Fandom Friday] 01: Scanslations, Podcasts, Art, and Thoughts!

Today marks the first Fandom Friday, this is the column where I will feature fan works and contributions to the English-speaking Falcom fan community. These works can span all sorts of areas, but todays will feature two relatively big updates that may be of interest to everyone. If you are interested in submitting more to …

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[Site Update] New Column: Fandom Friday

So, I was planning to start highlighting the amazing Falcom fandom. And what was originally going to be a matter of simply writing about things like Scanslation releases, or podcasts…. fanart, cosplay, fanfiction, etc… But then I realized that I need to take time out of the news with this site to give huge shoutouts …

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