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[Translation Tuesday] Songs of Kiseki – Silver Will, Golden Wings & I Swear…

Many apologizes for missing the last Translation Tuesday, as real life has been trying to drag me away with it, all while I’m trying to finish Cold Steel II. I’m almost done, though, so normality will return to this site soon, I promise. Once again, I bring about a translation from Yotaka, and like last …

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[Translation Tuesday] – The Songs of Kiseki – Sora no Kiseki and Hoshi no Arika

This week’s Translation Tuesday features translated lyrics for the opening and ending songs from Trails in the Sky, translated by Yotaka.

[Translation…. Wednesday??] Bonus! Ring of Judgment Complete Download

Not really a full Translation Tuesday, and it’s even an off week today. The next Translation Tuesday goes live next Tuesday! Instead, as requested, since the entire run of Ring of Judgment is complete, I’ve compiled all the chapters into a single .rar file, complete with the two bonus pages. This is especially appropriate with …

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[Translation Tuesday] Ys Timeline – The Ancient Civilization and Related Events Part 2 – Errata

This week’s Translation Tuesday is a continuation of the timeline that was posted on 7/21/2016. This includes various side bits of information from the same book, as well as an additional timeline from the Ys Global Guidebook, another interesting material book, that was published in 1989, and focused entirely on the settings for Ys I …

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[Translation Tuesday] Falcom Staff Baton – Issue 8: S


I have to start with a wonderful shout out to Guan! (And with some assistance from Yotaka, as well!) This translation is his work, so we have a Translation Tuesday this week thanks to him. Not quite what I planned (I’ve not had time to work on it, due to Ys VIII and another freelance …

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[Translation Tuesday] Ys Timeline – The Ancient Civilization and Related Events Part 1 – Timeline

This week’s Translation Tuesday is to celebrate the release of Ys VIII with a special document translated from the Ys Perfect Data of I ~ VI book that was published in 2004. Though due to the publishing date, this information predates other Ys titles that have been released post Ark of Napishtim. They will not …

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