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Addendum Regarding the Chara-Ani Preorders Post

As a note, I made a mistake on the post about the Chara-Ani preorders- as it’s been pointed out to me that I completely missed the ’2015′ on the date. The pre-orders are currently open and will be for further notice at this point. I’m about to correct the post and I will remove the …

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Host Downtime on 2/9 for Maintenence – Website Service Disruptions Predicted

As a quick heads up, there will be a downtime period from 12am to 6am Eastern Time on Sunday, 2/9. The upstream internet provider for my host is going to be doing router upgrades at that point, which can cause for service disruption. (Thankfully, it’s in the middle of the weekend, and I’m usually on …

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[Administration] Recent Activity on the Website – Security Additions

I may have been seemingly quiet on here for the past week and a half, but this is partially because I’ve recently discovered a major brute-force attack to try to take out the security of my website. Now, this isn’t entirely unusual. Bots are always trying to find wordpress blogs with weak security, and usually …

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Thank You For Your Support

Thank you everyone for the immense support that you showed during Extra Life. We had a great time, and a lot of prizes were given out. The Sanctuary Crew ended up raising a total of $1494- which adds into the current grand total for Extra Life, a whopping $1.9 million. Remember, all of these donations …

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Does This Theme Make Me Look Fat?


Excuse me. Something seems a little off here… I wonder what it could be? I’m starting a quick beta-trial of my new layout for my website. This is the end result of doing some research for the past four-five months and planning. In the past few weeks, my site has had a very bizarre turn …

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Vacation and Hiatus Stuff

Clearly I hadn’t been posting for a few days now. I’m just posting now to say, belatedly, that I had been on vacation and had a bit of a hiatus. Not only did I actually have a honest to goodness vacation from my job last week, but I also smashed my wrist in softball practice. …

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