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[Editorial] The Origin of the Title of ‘Ys’ and its Misspelling


With the recent announcement of the PS4 Ys title, I have seen so many people commenting with the erroneous ‘Y’s’ misspelling that seems to be everywhere. What about the origin of the title itself? Or the origin of the misspelling? The series roots itself into a fantasy retelling of our own world. Most of the …

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[EDITORIAL] Happy Tenth Anniversary, Kiseki Series! Picspam Unboxing of the Original Trilogy Limited Sets

On 6/24/2004, the first game in the Kiseki series would be released in Japan as The Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki. As this title was released, there was no hint at all as for what the series would bring with it- which is arguably one of the most expansive worlds designed for an …

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[EDITORIAL] Udon Entertainment’s Kiseki Series “The Characters” and “The Illustration” Artbooks


I apologize in advance for the quality of my photos. Cell phone camera and all. I was eager to pick up these books to support a good opportunity of something, even if it’s a little questionable choice to release them to English speaking fans when only 1/5th of the games featured in them has been …

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[EDITORIAL] Falcom and Twitter


Basic Information It all started on Jan 19, 2010: Falcom decided to join the world of twitter. In this amount of time, they have managed to amass over 44,000 followers, and are very active on the network: having published over 18,157 tweets as of this writing (when looking back at an earlier draft of this …

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[Picspam Review!] Chinese Ao no Kiseki Boxed Sets

BIP5uT8CUAAFLL4.jpg large

Today I received both of the limited boxes for the Chinese PC release of Ao no Kiseki that I had preordered. I was torn on the two of them, so I ended up just biting the bullet and getting them both. Since this is a very picture heavy post, I’ll put everything of the review …

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[Editorial] How To: Purchasing Nico Douga Points


I’m sure people are hyped up for the JDK Band concert. But what if you want to watch the live stream, but you can’t get the Nico Douga points due to your locale? Not a problem! It’s actually not that the card is in the US that is presenting the problem. It’s the fact that …

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