Kiseki JDK Acoustics Hi-Res Music Album to be Released on 8/27


Falcom has finally revealed the release date for the anticipated Kiseki JDK Acoustics album. It will be released for digital distribution on e-onkyo and mora on 8/27. This will also be the first original album to be released as a hi-res album. The Sen no Kiseki Original Soundtrack Master that was published to those same sites before this was the first hi-res album that Falcom had released.

The cover has changed since its original conception, now it features members of the jdk Band performing before the red Erebonian skies for Sen no Kiseki II.

Falcom has confirmed that this is a completely original album. This will not see any previously published tracks on it. The songs have been selected carefully from over multiple Kiseki games. There has been tweets from Mizuki for the recording a few months back, as well. This is an exciting release from Falcom.

The album will include the following songs:

  • Fate of the Fairies (Sora no Kiseki)
  • Maybe it was fated (Sora no Kiseki)
  • Crossbell Afternoon (Zero no Kiseki)
  • Pandora (Ys VI ~the Songs of Zemeth~)
  • Love of Cerulean Blue (Zero no Kiseki Evolution)
  • Lonely Journey (Sen no Kiseki)
  • way of life (Zero no Kiseki)
  • Amber Love (Sora no Kiseki)
  • Hoshi no Arika (Sora no Kiseki)

* Hoshi no Arika is known as ‘The Whereabouts of Light’ in XSEED’s release of Trails in the Sky.

The album will be available in two formats: flac and wav, and it will be on sale for 2800 yen.

As of this time, there are no links for e-onkyo or mora.

[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]

Falcom Gakuen Season 2 and Other Announcements at the Comic Market 86 Falcom Talk Show


Comic Market 86, which is known as the largest exhibition of fan made creations in the world, ran at the Tokyo Big Site on 8/15 through 8/17. At the event, there is an industry section where game makers and other professional teams are able to sell special limited goods and display upcoming projects. As usual, every day at Comiket saw large crowds, and Falcom was one of the companies present to see the crowds.

On 8/16, the second day of Comiket, Falcom held a talk show event at their booth in the industry section, called ‘Okaji and Kotekana’s Falcom News Broadcast.’ This talk show was hosted by jdk Band lead/drummer Toshiharu Okajima and singer Kanako Kotera. The first 40 people to receive a ticket when shopping at their booth would have the opportunity to see the talk show.

With Okaji in his white lab coat and coke bottle glasses and Kanako in a maid outfit, once the area had been filled with participants, the show began.


The first part of the show involved a video that Kanako had recorded featuring behind the scenes footage of her trip to Hong Kong at the end of July for the Ani-Com event. Video footage included backstage shots, video of Kanako swimming at the pool, and even a video of her sleeping- with her face obscured through a mosaic by the staff. (Along with Kanako proclaiming that she’ll get her revenge for that shot!) Last but not least, the footage included images of Kanako and Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo greeting fans at Ani-Com.

The next piece of news is related to the first international jdk Band concert which will be held on 9/13 in Taiwan. Kanako was excited to reveal that the show is nearly sold out, and to commemorate the success of the show, a free custom theme for Sen no Kiseki will be available on the Asia Playstation Store from 9/11 to 9/16. Furthermore, at the event itself, it’s been decided that two lucky attendees will win a walkman and headphone set with hi-res tracks from the Kiseki series pre-installed.

To continue the string of live events after the Taiwan concert, on 9/27, the Falcom jdk BAND Live and Talk Show vol. 5 will take place at the usual Loft Plus One venue. On 10/25, at the Tachikawa Anikyan event, a talk event for Tio’s Falcom Radio will occur as well. Not only that, but from 9/12 through 9/28, a Falcom Exhibit will be on display at Multicity Shibuya was also announced.

The reveal of the Falcom Exhibit drew a surprise from the crowd, as it was the first announcement of such an event. While this event is being held alongside the Kiseki series 10th anniversary, the exhibit will show a display of various items throughout Falcom’s history including rare limited goods while music will play through the venue. Kanako even commented that after the Taiwan concert, the band members may try to slip into the venue while incognito.


Towards the end of the event, they were interrupted with a shout of ‘Go Fight!’ and sudden StarTrader music. Along with it, the monitors flashed on to images for the ‘Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen’ anime, with the text to announce its second season, causing a loud applause from the guests. The broadcast dates and time will be announced on a future date- so pay attention to Falcom’s website for more details.


Once the event concluded, guests had the opportunity to meet up with Okaji and Kanako for handshakes, autographs, and hi-fives as well.



[ GameWatch Event Report ]

Ao no Kiseki Evolution Soundtrack Now Available Digitally on Amazon


The long awaited Ao no Kiseki Evolution soundtrack is now available for digital purchase on Amazon.

As always, the links in this article are for, but as Falcom is making these available on multiple regions of Amazon (by posting them on, if you can’t purchase digital albums from the US site, then check your own region- they may be available there as well.

This album is available for $17.99 and the individual tracks are $.99 each.


Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3
1. Ao Ki Negai -Opening Size- 1. Things have Started Moving 1. Celestial Ark
2. Traces of D 2. The Call of Demon 2. Beyond the Paradise of Lies
3. Seize the Truth! 3. Destruction Impulse 3. Hope After the Sacrifice
4. Concentrate All Firepower!! 4. All-Knowing One 4. Feelings in the Moonlight
5. A New Daily Life 5. Roar of Steel -Life-or-Death Crisis- 5. Wavering Heart
6. Silence in the Sunlight Filtering Through Trees 6. Unexpected Emergency 6. Feelings, A Place to Arrive At
7. Exhilarating Ride 7. A Barrier to Get Over 7. Mystic Core
8. Shall We Pom? 8. Miss You 8. Unexpected Miracle
9. Pomtto! -Counterstrike of Flower-Viewing Dumpling- 9. A Night of Falling Stars 9. The Farthest Tree
10. Signs of Unusual Incident 10. Omen 10. Truth of a Rainy Day
11.Mythtic Roar 11. Fierce Beasts 11. Unfathomed Force
12. West Zemuria Trade Conference 12. Catastrophe 12. The Azure Arbitrator
13. Orchis Tower 13. Confronting Reality 13. True Bonds
14. A Trap Lurking in the City 14. Each Justice 14. Still, We Are
15. Fateful Confrontation -Pomtto! Ver.- 15. Dark Throne 15. I pray for you -Aoi Kiseki-
16. Disquiet 16. Roar of Steel -Threat- 16. Ao Ki Negai (Less Vocal)
17. Conflicting Passions 17. Delusion of a Thousand Years 17. I pray for you -Aoi Kiseki- (Less Vocal)
18. Short Break 18. Aoki Shizuku  
19. Michelam Wonderland 19. Descent of the God’s Machine  
20. Elie’s Screaming Roller Coaster 20. A Miracle is Shown  
21. Unpretentious Dinner 21. A Little Hero -Music Box-  
22. Strange Feel 22. Tower of the Shadow of Death -Jukebox-  
23. Kohaku no Ai Humming Version 23. Ao Ki Negai -Full Size-  
24. Kohaku no Ai Piano Version    
25. Conspiracy    
26. Executor    

You can purchase the album digitally here.

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Chapter 3 of the Sora no Kiseki SC Manga Now Live on Famitsu Comic Clear


Chapter 3 of Shinki Kitsutsuki’s manga for Sora no Kiseki SC is now live. This, along with the previous two chapters, are available for free on the site. They currently do not have any expiration period on them.

[ Sora no Kiseki SC Page on Comic Clear ]

Falcom Academy Season Two Announced at Comiket


Falcom Gakuen season 2 was announced at Comic Market 86. As of this point, there are no details on when it will begin or what it will hold, but it shouldn’t be too different from the past episodes.

More information is to come soon.

For the time being, this is celebrated on the website with a new piece of artwork by Daisuke Arakubo, the artist for the original 4koma manga.


[ Falcom Gakuen Official Twitter ]
[ Falcom Gakuen Official Website ]

Music from Ys III: Wanderers from Ys Available Digitally on Amazon


The original soundtrack for Ys III: Wanderers from Ys is now available to purchase on Amazon. This album includes the soundtrack from the PC88 version of the game, along with some selected tracks from the X68000 version as well.

As always, the links in this article are for, but as Falcom is making these available on multiple regions of Amazon (by posting them on, if you can’t purchase digital albums from the US site, then check your own region- they may be available there as well.

This album is available for $5.99 and the individual tracks are $.99 each.

Track Song Title
1. Dancing on the Road (User Disk Creation)
2. Omen = Styx = (Opening)
3. Trading Town of Redmont
4. Quiet Moments (Private House / Inn)
5. Welcome!!
6. Prelude to the Adventure (Map Select)
7. The Boy’s Got Wings (Stage Entrance)
8. Be Careful (Tigray Quarry)
9. Raven Beast (Medium Boss)
10. Illburns Ruins (Ruins – Above Ground)
11. A Searing Struggle (Ruins – Lava Area)
12. Snare of Darkness (Tigray Quarry)
13. Lightning of the Grim Reaper (Stage Boss)
14. Quickening Dream (Game Over)
15. Steeling the Will to Fight
16. Tearful Twilight (A Town Without People)
17. Valestein Castle (Valestein Castle)
18. Prayer for Love (Valestein Castle – Place of Worship)
19. Key of the Twilight (Valestein Castle – Place of Worship)
20. Sealed Time (Valestein Castle – Clock Tower)
21. The Beat of Destruction (Galvaran Island)
22. Tower of Destiny (Galvaran Island – Top Floor)
23. Behold!! (Galvaran’s Threat)
24. The Strongest Enemy (Final Boss – Galvaran)
25. Morning of Departure (Town – Ending)
26. Wanderers from Ys (Ending)
27. Omen = Styx = (Opening) [X68000 Version]
28. The Beat of Destruction (Galvaran Island) [X68000 Version]
29. The Strongest Enemy (Final Boss – Galvaran) [X68000 Version]

You can purchase the album digitally here.

If you wish to support this site at no extra cost to yourself, you can purchase the albums through my Amazon Affiliate account here.

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