Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 8/14/2014 – Sen no Kiseki Game+Guide+Soundtrack Set


…but the week didn’t start on the 14th, you said? That’s correct, it didn’t. However, Falcom had been on vacation through the week until the 13th. They opened this week’s weekly special late, due to the summer holiday. There is a tiny scheduling difference as well, due to Comiket being this weekend, also. Please read below for more details.

The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Super Price Edition (PS Vita) (Originally for 4200 yen)
The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Perfect Guide (Originally for 1700 yen)
The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Original Soundtrack (Originally for 3900 yen)
Kiseki Magazine vols 6 & 7 (Not for Sale)

The total retail cost of this set is 9,800 yen. The special price is –> 6,400 yen!

This order is good until 8/24, or until 30 orders have been made.
Please make note that confirmations will not be made until 8/20.

Order # 2629

[ Falcom Online Store - Special Sales ]

First Screenshots for the Chinese PC Release of Ys the Memories of Celceta


Joyoland has officially released the first batch of HD screenshots for their PC port of the Playstation Vita title, Ys the Memories of Celceta. These screenshots are made at the game’s 1920×1080 resolution.


There is currently no release date available for this title. It will be released in both simplified and traditional Chinese, in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao regions.


[ Falcom China Blog ]
[ Joyoland Article ]

Licensing and International Releases Push Numbers to Almost Six Times Higher in Falcom’s Latest Financial Report


On the morning of 8/8/2014, Falcom posted an earnings update for the third quarter, and the financial year will come to a close at the end of September.

This report represents the dates of 10/2013 through 6/2014.

  Year Before Current Year Percent Changed
Sales ¥ 631,000,000
(approx. $6,183,550)
¥ 861,000,000
(approx. $8,437,460)
Operating Profit ¥ 48,000,000
(approx. $470,380)
¥ 294,000,000
(approx. $2,881,080)
Operating Income ¥ 48,000,000
(approx. $470,380)
¥ 295,000,000
(approx. $2,890,880)
Third Quarter Net Income ¥ 30,000,000
(approx. $293,990)
¥ 197,000,000
(approx. $1,930,520)

Falcom has attributed much of these number increases to licensing of games, thanks to the favorable sales of the English released titles on the download-only Steam platform, as well as the Asia release of Sen no Kiseki.

The report also notes that they are showing an 8% increase in sales for manufactured goods. On 6/2014, Sen no Kiseki was released in the Asian region in Chinese and Korean- selling the game in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea- and they have reported seeing a number of stores sell out on their copies. The fans in that region have shown a high appreciation for the series. Not only that, but Sen no Kiseki was re-released in Japan with the lower cost Super Price Edition in June 2014.

The licensing department saw a large 75% increase from last year, at ¥ 465,000,000 (approx. $4,556,810) in sales. English language software on the Steam platform saw high sales, Ys Memories of Celceta saw strong sales in both North America and Europe, and the Japanese release of Ao no Kiseki Evolution on the Playstation Vita in June 2014 saw favorable sales as well.

At this point, they are leaving the current numbers for the earnings forecast to be released in Sept 2014:

  Projected Earnings Percent Changed
Sales ¥ 1,900,000,000
(approx. $18,619,240)
Operating Profit ¥ 750,000,000
(approx. $7,349,700)
Operating Income ¥ 750,000,000
(approx. $7,349,700)
Net Income for Term ¥ 460,000,000
(approx. $4,507,820)

[ Gamebiz.jp Article ]
[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]

Various Sen no Kiseki II Videos Edited and Translated/Subbed


We’ve had a bombardment of videos for Sen no Kiseki II in the past few weeks. Through the help of FalcomJDKSound, Ayu Ohseki, and @YotakaofALOY, I have a collection of three of them below all in one post for your viewing pleasure.

The first video is from FalcomJDKSound on youtube, using a translation by Ayu Ohseki, the video has been ‘karaoke’ized’ for any of you interested in singing along. The lyrics in both Japanese and English are found on the video.

These next two videos contain spoilers!

The first of the two videos from @YotakaofALOY is a subtitled version of the store trailer that’s been wandering around for awhile:

And last but not least, Yotaka’s latest subbed video- the official demo movie from Falcom themselves!

Ys Origin on the Humble Weekly Bundle


Many were surprised today when Ys Origin appeared in the Japan Edition for the Humble Weekly Bundle. The Humble Bundle allows you to name your price and the money will end up going to charity- even allowing you to choose who gets what percentage of the donation: the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Child’s Play. You can also tip the Humble Bundle which certainly helps them with maintenance costs and upkeep.

If you pay up to $6, you will get: Unholy Heights, One Way Heroics, and Gigantic Army. Ys Origin becomes an option, along with Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae and PixelJunk Shooter if you pay over $6. If you pay $10 or more, you will also get Astebreed.

The collection values at $67, and you will receive a steam code and a DRM free download.

This bundle will remain alive for another 6 days, 12 hours, and some minutes in change as of this post.

[ Humble Weekly Bundle: Japan Edition ]

[Bonus Item!] Sen no Kiseki II Opening ‘Senko no Yukue’ Lyrics and Translation


Not too long ago, when the opening theme was revealed at the Sofmap event for Sen no Kiseki II, Ayu Ohseki offered a translation based on lyrics pulled from listening to the song. Now that we know that there were some incorrect lines, she has provided an updated translation based on the lyrics as posted on the official site for the game.

Title: Senkou no Yukue
Translation: Where the Light Flashes
Translation by: Ayu Ohseki
Vocals: Kanako Kotera
Music: Falcom jdk BAND


Where the Light Flashes

What dream should I dream?
Even my despair has been snatched away
And I’ve no way to grieve, for I’ve lost the words
To describe my sorrow and frustration
The warmth that should have been here suddenly vanishes
And I hear the pulse in my frozen chest
Will you tell me to stand up, to face it?
My rage is like crimson magma bleeding from a scar rent upon me
And I’ll just change it now into a blade and keep on fighting
I’ll carve trails onto the flashing blade

What path should I take?
At the bottom of the lightless depths,
I’ve no way to scream, for I’ve lost the words
To describe my loneliness and anguish
The smile that should have been here is erased before my eyes
And I hear the pulse in my frozen chest
Will you tell me to crawl up, to slice it open?
While I gasp from the pain my shattered dream lodges in me,
I’ll just demonize my blade of rage and keep on fighting
I’ll carve trails onto the flashing blade

No matter how soundly I’m defeated or if I fall to my knees,
Until the moment I fulfill my promise, I’ll just keep on fighting
My rage is like crimson magma bleeding from a scar rent upon me
And I’ll just change it now into a blade and keep on fighting
I’ll carve trails onto the flashing blade


Senkou no Yukue

Donna yume wo mireba ii no?
Zetsubou sae ubawarete
Kanashii to ka kuyashii to ka
Kotoba nakushi nageku sube mo nai
Aru hazu no nukumori ga totsuzen ni kiesatte
Kooru mune kikoeru kodou
Tachiagare to tachimukae to anata ha iu no ka
Sakareta kizu ga nagasu makka na maguma no you na
Ikari wo yaiba ni ima kaete tatakaitsudzukeru dake
Hirameku yaiba ni kizamu kiseki

Donna michi wo ikeba ii no?
Hikari no nai donzoko de
Samishii to ka kurushii to ka
Kotoba nakushi sakebu sube mo nai
Aru hazu no hohoemi ga me no mae de kakikesare
Kooru mune kikoeru kodou
Haiagare to kirihirake to anata ha iu no ka
Kudaketa yume ga sasaru itami ni aeginagara
Ikari no yaiba wo oni ni shite tatakaitsudzukeru dake
Hirameku yaiba ni kizamu kiseki

Donna ni taosaretemo donna ni hizatsuitemo
Yakusoku hatasu sono toki made tatakaitsudzukeru dake
Sakareta kizu ga nagasu makka na maguma no you na
Ikari wo yaiba ni ima kaete tatakaitsudzukeru dake
Hirameku yaiba ni kizamu kiseki

Japanese Text

歌:小寺可南子 演奏:Falcom jdk BAND

凍る胸 聞こえる鼓動

凍る胸 聞こえる鼓動


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