Akatsuki no Kiseki Twitter Follower Campaign

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Starting today, Userjoy Japan has announced a second campaign to lead into the launch of Akatsuki no Kiseki.

Those who follow the official Akatsuki no Kiseki twitter account (@akatsuki_ujj) will receive Mueller for free. This event will continue until the day the game goes live.

On top of this, the twitter campaign will upgrade in stages, like with the Noel campaign.

At 3000 followers, everyone will receive Mueller Vander (★1).
At 5000 followers, everyone will receive Mueller Vander (★2).
At 7000 followers, everyone will receive Mueller Vander (★3).

To participate, you will want to register for the account first, then follow the official twitter account.

OpenID accounts through Twitter and Google should also be included. The present item will be given out after the event ends.

As a note, I don’t see anything for individuals that have already followed it, but I assume that there may be something matching related?


[ Akatsuki no Kiseki Official Site ]

Falcom Mail Order Shop Closing for Summer Break


Falcom has revealed that they will be closing the mail order shop from 8/11 ~ 8/16 for summer break. There will be delays in responses to emails and faxes, and they will not be able to do any sort of inventory updates on the site until after the break.

The online store will resume its regular activities on 8/17.

As for the rest of the company, their currently holiday structure is listed on the Falcom Calendar page. The offices will be closed on both 8/11 and 8/15, with regular operation between.

Akatsuki no Kiseki Promo Video, Site Opened, and Early Registration Campaign


Nihon Falcom and Userjoy Group revealed the initial promotional video for Akatsuki no Kiseki today. This 3rd party developed browser game is being made as a 10th anniversary title, despite being two years late.

(As a note: remember this isn’t being developed by Falcom, but rather Userjoy Japan.)

Check out the comment from Ginko below about how to register. I’ll make an editorial tomorrow with screenshots to show the process.

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[Translation Tuesday] Falcom Staff Baton – Issue 8: S


I have to start with a wonderful shout out to Guan! (And with some assistance from Yotaka, as well!) This translation is his work, so we have a Translation Tuesday this week thanks to him. Not quite what I planned (I’ve not had time to work on it, due to Ys VIII and another freelance project of mine), but I’m sure people will enjoy reading this regardless.

You remember those surveys for Livejournal and stuff that were super popular years ago? Falcom did one, their ‘Staff Baton,’ through the employees of the company. If you are familiar with the company and people in its positions, then you can usually identify some of the members of the staff baton as it went around.

This week’s Translation Tuesday is one of those batons- a member from the Falcom soundteam identifying himself as ‘S.’ It shouldn’t be too hard to realize that ‘S’ is, in fact, Hayato Sonoda. This baton was dated on 10-5-2006, and published on the staff blog.

(Note: I’ve not linked directly to the Japanese version, simply due to the way the staff blog is made. You can follow the date listed above, or you can look under other (その地) on the right, to see the staff baton list.

The translated version of Sonoda’s staff baton is behind the cut!

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[Translation Tuesday] Ys Timeline – The Ancient Civilization and Related Events Part 1 – Timeline


This week’s Translation Tuesday is to celebrate the release of Ys VIII with a special document translated from the Ys Perfect Data of I ~ VI book that was published in 2004. Though due to the publishing date, this information predates other Ys titles that have been released post Ark of Napishtim. They will not be addressed in this topic. This document is a timeline that addresses critical pieces of lore that have become crucial to the Ys series, especially with the introduction of emelas from Ys VI.

During the editing process for this, I have decided to split this article into two parts. The errata, next week, will feature extra information, and perhaps additional timelines and other random information out of the Ys Perfect Data book.

As a heads up, everything below the title header past the cut is 100% from the translation. Any additional notes that I’ve made are entirely in the footnotes. So as the translation seems to break prose from the game a bit here and there, this is from the original information. There are also things that are getting referred to for later parts of this document… due to the size of it as a whole, and the overwhelming scope of this translation, I’ve decided at the last minute to split it into two, and present the ‘errata’ section of the document for the next Translation Tuesday in two weeks.

Before I begin everything in this, I want to say that this translation was a long-time coming, and there are a lot of people that I’ve wanted to thank over the years of working on it, but most of them, I can’t really fully recall. However, outside of the usual suspects, I want to point out a dear friend of mine, Ayu Ohseki. She has been involved in song lyric translations that I’ve posted here before as well. When I first started on this years ago, she gave me so much help. I can’t start this article without a shoutout to her.

On top of my thanks to Ayu, I’m also giving my undying thanks to Guan and Yotaka who helped me when I got stuck on some parts of this.

Proofreading on this has been done by Firehawke, S_Tiger, Ribose, and Guan.

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Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana to be Released in Chinese on 8/11/2016


It has been announced that Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of Dana- will be released in traditional Chinese for the PlayStation Vita on 8/11.

Furthermore, on 7/31, both Toshihiro Kondo and Saori Onishi, the voice actress for Dana, will both be present for a talk show event at ACGHK 2016 (Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong). Then on 8/5, not only will Toshihiro Kondo will also be present at the PlayStation Festival in Taipei, but the jdk BAND will perform again after its concert two years ago.

Regarding the game, saves from the Japanese version of Ys VIII will be compatible with the Chinese version, as well.

The events and the release date will be added to the calendar.


Title Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of Dana- Traditional Chinese Edition
Genre Action RPG
Release Date 8/11/2016
Platform PlayStation Vita/PlayStation Vita TV
Players 1 Player
Rating +12
Developer Nihon Falcom
Language: Voice Japanese
Language: Subtitles Traditional Chinese
Copyright ©2016 Nihon Falcom Corporation. All rights reserved.

I’ve included some screenshots of the Chinese version below the cut.

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