Tokyo Xanadu Announced for Release in 2015


Falcom has announced that their new title, Tokyo Xanadu, will be released sometime in 2015.

Tokyo Xanadu will be an modern-day urban fantasy action RPG. The image, as posted above, has a post-apocalyptic image of an individual in a ruined city. The game will feature high school students Kou and Asuka as their Tokyo suburb is trapped within the labyrinth of Xanadu.

There are few details known on the game outside of this, including the platform of the title. Xanadu is considered one of Falcom’s long-running titles, with the last title of the series, Xanadu Next, having been released for the PC in June 2005.

[ Tokyo Xanadu Teaser Site ]
[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]

Falcom Calendar Updated for Jan 2015


With 2015 around the corner, Falcom has updated their calendar to have the Jan 2015 wallpaper on it. This wallpaper features Falcom Academy SC, with the characters and marks the date of its airing as well as the other product being released this Jan.

The calendar itself has also had these two items added:
1/4 – TV Anime, “Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy SC”
1/21 – Falcom Character Songs Collection Vol. 1 – Estelle Bright (cv: Akemi Kanda)

They have also added the following dates for holidays. On these dates, Falcom will be closed for vacation:
12/23 – Emperor’s Birthday
12/27 ~ 1/4 – New Year Holiday

As a result, we can expect the end of the year special to be announced either just before or just after. Possibly with the holiday during the ordering period.

The wallpaper can be found in the following resolutions:

At some point in January, all of the 2014 calendar wallpapers should be made available without the calendar data on Falcom’s website.

[ Falcom Calendar Page ]

Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 12/8/2014 – Ys VI Game and Vocal Album Set


This week’s special is the Windows 8 version of Ys VI along with the Songs of Zemeth album. Something to keep in mind, is to keep an eye out on these specials as we step closer to the end of the year. Falcom’s end of the year special is reliably the best deal of the year- and the biggest collection of items.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim (Win 8 Ver) (Originally for 3200 yen)
The Songs of Zemeth ~ Ys VI Vocal Edition (Originally for 2800 yen)
Random Ys Goods (Not for Sale)

The total retail cost of this set is 6,000 yen. The special price is –> 3,600 yen!

This order is good until 12/14, or until 20 orders have been made.

Order # 2643

[ Falcom Online Store – Special Sales ]

Falcom 2014 End of Year Financial Statement – Ys Will Be 2015’s Primary Initiative


Falcom released their financial reports for the fiscal year that ended on 9/30/2014. Some of the basic key points from the supplementary powerpoint for the balance sheet can be seen below:

Total Sales: 2,541,000,000 yen (approx. $21,752,220) (a 38.1% increase from 2013)
Operating Profit: 1,302,000,000 yen (approx. $11,145,760) (83.2% increase from 2013)
Operating Income: 1,303,000,000 yen (approx. $11,155,760) (83.2% increase from 2013)
Net Income: 773,000,000 (approx. $6,618,110) (77.5% increase from 2013)

They are predicting the following numbers for the 9/2015 period:
Total Sales: 2,000,000,000 yen (approx. $17,119,420)
Operating Profit: 750,000,000 yen (approx. $6,419,780)
Operating Income: 750,000,000 yen (approx. $6,419,780)
Net Income: 483,000,000 yen (approx. $4,134,720)

9/2014 has provided the second ‘record earnings’ in a row for the company, after the successful sales of Sen no Kiseki in the Asia regions and the release of Sen no Kiseki II in Japan and Asia. Through 9/2015, they expect the continued sales of Sen no Kiseki and Sen no Kiseki II, along with newcomers to the Kiseki series both domestic and overseas. They also have their aim on a successful release of their new title, as well.


Topics for 9/2014 Period
* Continuing the trend from 2013, the Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II won the Japan Games Awards Future Award in 2014 at Tokyo Game Show, just like its predecessor. When compared to the number of titles shown at TGS, Sen no Kiseki II was one of 1,363 titles shown, amongst 421 exhibitors.

* The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki marked Falcom’s first Asian release, by having the title launch in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea in both the Chinese and Korean languages.

* Asia users took to the release very well. In Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea, there were many reports of the initial shipment of the games being soldout at stores.

* The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II saw a simultaneous release in both Japan and the Asia region.

Initiative for 9/2015 Period
* A new title for the Ys series is under development for the Playstation 4 console and the Playstation Vita handheld. First published in 1987, this 27 year old masterpiece series has been on multiple platforms and seen success in North America, Europe, and Asia regions.

* Development for this large scale title is progressing well. More information should be released from Falcom soon.

More details on the financial report can be found behind the cut.

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Falcom Calendar Updated for December 2014


Falcom has updated their calendar page with the new wallpaper for the month of December. At some point in Jan, all of the December wallpapers will also be moved to the downloads page to join the others from previous years.

You can find this month’s calendar wallpaper in the following resolutions:

New additions to the calendar are:
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki vol 2 (novel) – The Black Orbment on 12/12
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki SC vol 1 (Manga) on 12/15
Kiseki Series 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book “Sept-Archive” on 12/25
Comic Market 87 on 12/28 ~ 12/30

[ Falcom Calendar ]

Sorcerian Forever I Now Available Digitally on Amazon


Falcom has released another classic Sorcerian album to Amazon for digital purchase.

As always, the links in this article are for, but as Falcom is making these available on multiple regions of Amazon (by posting them on, if you can’t purchase digital albums from the US site, then check your own region- they may be available there as well.

This album is also available on iTunes,, mora, and animelo mix.

The album is available for $9.99 or $0.99 per track. You can purchase it here.

If you wish to support my site, you can purchase the album from the following link with no added cost to yourself: Sorcerian Forever I

Tracklist is below the cut.

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