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Smartphone Edition of Pomtto! Released on iTunes and Google Play


Chara-Ani released a smartphone version of Pomtto! that’s playable in both iOS and Android environments. It appears to have the basic game as found in Ao no Kiseki, where you can compete against various characters from within Ao. The game plays through touch screen functions, flicking on the screen to make motions, and touching in …

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Ao no Kiseki Evolution Website Now Live “First Chapter” – Product and System Information


The countdown finally ended and the Ao no Kiseki Evolution website has gone live. The game is to be released on 6/12/2014, and has a variety of details available on it. The demo is currently available on the Japanese PSN store, and it plays through the entirety of the prologue. It gives you a good …

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Check Out the Amazing Sora no Kiseki Evolution April Fool’s Page


While it may be March 31st in North America, some parts of the world (especially Japan) are already on April 1st. Falcom’s not always indulged in big April Fool’s shenanigans, but it seems that Chara-Ani has definitely jumped in on it by changing the top page of the Ao no Kiseki Evolution Website to feature …

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Photo of the Figures with the Ao no Kiseki Evolution Boxes in Dengeki Playstation


Have you been wanting to know what they look like? The five figures are pictured above. They are based on the swimsuits of the characters from the lake beach scenes in Ao no Kiseki. Many of them have detailings- such as Elie holding a tiny replica of the steel mug that Chara-Ani released, or the …

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White Witch, Ao Evolution, and Sen no Kiseki II at the Falcom Event From Saturday

Falcom presented an opportunity over the weekend to hear from Japan’s “number one” White Witch fan! That would be president Toshihiro Kondo himself. A small group from the jdk Band also assembled to perform an acoustic concert that was focused entirely on White Witch, as well, since it had its 20th anniversary last week. This …

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Final Ao no Kiseki Evolution Countdown Page


24 hours until the site goes live, and the final image of Lloyd Bannings goes up to end the Ao no Kiseki Evolution Countdown. [ The Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki Evolution Official Website ]

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