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Production for Gurumin PC Ended – Final Inventory with Falcom’s Online Store


Falcom has posted on twitter that the production of the PC version of Gurumin has ended. The inventory that they currently have is it. The PC version of Gurumin has a slightly different combat system, based on following the rhythm of the game’s music. If you haven’t had the opportunity to play and are interested …

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Falcom Unpublished Music 2007 Now Live on Amazon for Digital Purchase


Falcom uploaded the Falcom Unpublished Music 2007 album to multiple sources this week. One of which is internationally on Amazon. This album is a collection of multiple tracks that have either never been published or used in their games, as the title implies. You can find it for $5.99 for all of the tracks, or …

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Falcom Opening Preorders Soon for Two Books – Falcom Zanmai and Sen no Kiseki Visual Collection


Falcom tweeted today that details for two books will be posted today. The first is Falcom Zanmai, a comic anthology for many of Falcom’s series, featuring new art by Kitsutsuki Shinki, the artist of the Sora no Kiseki manga. This is set to be released on 3/28. Also announced, but with no particulars is the …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 4/15/2013 – Gurumin and Zwei!! Set

While you wait for the upcoming Sen no Kiseki or Sora no Kiseki SC Kai HD, this will give you the opportunity to play two classic action-RPG titles from Falcom, both Zwei!! and Gurumin, in their PSP versions. Gurumin Super Price Edition (PSP) (Originally for 2200 yen) Zwei!! Super Price Edition (PSP) (Originally for 2200 …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 9/18/2012 – Gurumin and Zwei!! PSP Set


Falcom has been no stranger to the action RPG genre. While the Ys series is more known for this, Gurumin and Zwei!! are two of the company’s lesser known action RPGs. This bundle gives you the opportunity to give them both a try, as well as get their soundtracks. Gurumin (Super Price PSP) (Originally for …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 5/14/2012 – Gurumin and Zwei!! Set


Gurumin (PSP Super Price Version) (Originally for 2200 yen) Zwei!! (PSP Super Price Version) (Originally for 2200 yen) Gurumin Original Soundtrack (Originally for 2980 yen) Zwei!! Super Arrange Version (Originally for 2800 yen) The total retail cost of this set is #### yen. The special price is –> 4700 yen! This order is good until …

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