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Gurumin 3D Confirmed for EU Release on 10/27/2016


NintendoLife has confirmed the EU release date for Gurumin 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. It will be released on 10/27/2016. Just like with the NA release, there will also be a limited window for those who purchased the game to get the 3DS Gurumin theme for free. The theme will be available until 11/29/2016 for …

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Gurumin 3D Coming to the Nintendo eShop on 10/13 for 3DS


On September 30th, Mastiff revealed that Gurumin 3D will be releasing to the North American Nintendo 3DS eShop on October 13th. It will cost $14.99, and until 10/31, a free 3DS theme will also be available to download. Mastiff has confirmed that they will be revealing information regarding other regions soon. I’ll have the release …

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Mastiff Games Publishing Gurumin 3D to the Nintendo 3DS

ClF8ywdUkAAPUzE.jpg large

Thanks to @jdkluv for the heads up on this! Mastiff Games announced on their official twitter account today that they will be releasing Gurumin to the Nintendo 3DS. Gurumin is coming to the #Nintendo #3DS this Summer! Check out https://t.co/sy1FAQFsdl for more info. pic.twitter.com/zLCGGZe0GB — Gurumin (@Gurumin3D) June 16, 2016 From the website: Parin and …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 2/29/2016 – Falcom 35th Anniversary Special

Gurumin Super Price Edition (PSP) (Originally for 2200 yen) Vantage Master Super Price Edition (PSP) (Originally for 2200 yen) Zwei!! Super Price Edition (PSP) (Originally for 2200 yen) Brandish the Dark Revenant Super Price Edition (PSP) (Originally for 2200 yen) Falcom Boss Zanmai (Originally for 2500 yen) Falcom Field Zanmai (Originally for 2500 yen) Original …

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‘Seize the Day’ Available for Free for Taiko Master V until 4/6 – Trails SC and Gurumin Music Forthcoming

CZzFW1gVAAARH2_.png large

Falcom has announced the top three tracks from their user poll regarding popular songs to come up in Taiko Master V for the PSVita. The first song is Seize the Day, the main theme from Tokyo Xanadu. It will be available as free DLC from 2/4 to 4/6. The next song will be Silver Will …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 10/5/2015 – Falcom Action RPG Set

Tokyo Xanadu may have only been out for a week, but as people begin to finish the game, they may be interested in other action RPGs developed by Falcom. This set brings together three great titles that are outside of the company’s usual flagship series. EDIT on 10/14/2015: Falcom has updated this special to remain …

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Gurumin Available on Steam on March 30


Mastiff has announced that Gurumin will be available for purchase on Steam on March 30th. There are still no details on price, but Mastiff also promises to have more details on the game soon.

Falcom LINE Stamps vol. 4 / Gurumin Released


Obsessed with Line? You can add a Gurumin collection to your stamp now. These stamps feature many of the characters, and are going for 50 coins in the app, and $.99 on the website. LINE is a mobile instant messaging application that lets you talk to people in groups or individually, and litter your conversations …

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