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Falcom Earnings Forecast Adjusted Based on Sen no Kiseki, Sen no Kiseki II, and Memories of Celceta


  Original Forecast Adjusted Forecast Percent Changed Total Sales ¥ 1,900,000,000(approx. $17,721,420) ¥ 2,400,000,000(approx. $22,384,960) ▲26.3% Operating Profit ¥ 750,000,000(approx. $6,992,380) ¥ 1,200,000,000(approx. $11,187,950) ▲60.0% Operating Income ¥ 750,000,000(approx. $6,992,380) ¥ 1,200,000,000(approx. $11,187,950) ▲60.0% Fourth Quarter Net Income ¥ 460,000,000(approx. $4,288,640) ¥ 720,000,000(approx. $6,712,650) ▲56.5% Falcom has posted an adjustment of the forecast for the …

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CD Version of Kiseki jdk Acoustics Album Announced

The recent digital release of the Kiseki jdk Acoustics album was Falcom’s experiment with the hi-res audio options, it should be no surprise that Falcom will be doing a physical release of the album eventually as well. The album has been announced for a release on 10/8 for its physical release. Despite this, you will …

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Kiseki JDK Acoustics Hi-Res Music Album to be Released on 8/27


Falcom has finally revealed the release date for the anticipated Kiseki JDK Acoustics album. It will be released for digital distribution on e-onkyo and mora on 8/27. This will also be the first original album to be released as a hi-res album. The Sen no Kiseki Original Soundtrack Master that was published to those same …

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Falcom Gakuen Season 2 and Other Announcements at the Comic Market 86 Falcom Talk Show


Comic Market 86, which is known as the largest exhibition of fan made creations in the world, ran at the Tokyo Big Site on 8/15 through 8/17. At the event, there is an industry section where game makers and other professional teams are able to sell special limited goods and display upcoming projects. As usual, …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 8/14/2014 – Sen no Kiseki Game+Guide+Soundtrack Set


…but the week didn’t start on the 14th, you said? That’s correct, it didn’t. However, Falcom had been on vacation through the week until the 13th. They opened this week’s weekly special late, due to the summer holiday. There is a tiny scheduling difference as well, due to Comiket being this weekend, also. Please read …

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[Bonus Item] Translated Lyrics to Sen no Kiseki’s ‘Ashita he no Kodou’


Many thanks to my friend Ayu Ohseki! She has provided me with a translation to the lyrics for the opening theme for Sen no Kiseki. As a result, it is just too good to keep to myself. So have a little bonus item for this Kiseki filled week. Translation Pulse Towards Tomorrow Vocals: Kanako Kotera …

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