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More Performers Revealed for the Sen no Kiseki Musical

Souichiro Sorihashi as Patrick T. Hyarms

Today, Nega Designworks has revealed six more performers cast into the Sen no Kiseki musical, set to begin in Jan 2017. Towa Herschel will be played by Ai Nonaka, who happens to be the same voice actress that played her in both Sen no Kiseki titles. Patrick T. Hyarms has Souichiro Sorihashi cast for his …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 10/3/2016 – Sora, Zero, Sen no Kiseki OST + 10th Anniversary Book Set

12 years ago, Sora no Kiseki was originally released on PC. Since then, seven more titles have been released, as well as manga, anime, novels, and various other media, and now even a musical of Sen no Kiseki happening soon, and the success of Akatsuki no Kiseki, a web browser game. For those thinking back …

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Full Cast and Details for the Sen no Kiseki Musical Unveiled

Back in August, Zepp Blue Theatre revealed that they will be doing a musical production of Sen no Kiseki/Trails of Cold Steel. While they announced the performers playing Rean (Ryuunosuke Matsumura) and Alisa (Maon Kurosaki), they promised they would unveil the rest of the cast on a later date. Well, that date has come. (See …

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Musical Adaptation of Sen no Kiseki to Run from 1/8/2017 ~ 1/15/2017

It has been announced today that a musical adaptation of The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki will run at the Zepp Blue Theater in Roppongi from 1/8/2017 to 1/15/2017 as part of the company’s 35th anniversary celebration. THe musical version will be directed by Shutarou Oku, who has also directed musical adaptations of Persona …

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PS3 Versions of Sen no Kiseki and Sen no Kiseki II on Sale on PSN (JP) Through 3/22

Currently, and until 3/22/2016, the PlayStation 3 versions of Sen no Kiseki and Sen no Kiseki II are on sale on the Japanese PSN. As it’s listed as part of the PlayStation 3 the Best series, Sen no Kiseki already has a discounted cost of 3400 yen. However, you can get an additional 30% off, …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 2/8/2015 – Sen no Kiseki and Sen no Kiseki II PS3 Set

The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki (PlayStation 3 the Best) (Originally for 2800 yen) The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II (Standard Edition) (Originally for 7200 yen) The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Super Arrange Version (Originally for 2500 yen) Original Stickers (Not for sale) Special Community Information Sheet ‘Tachikawa Xanadu’ (Not …

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[Translation Tuesday] The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Pre-Story: The Ring of Judgment – Chapter 01

A few weeks ago, I did the prologue chapter of Ring of Judgment. As I needed some more time to get this planned video completed, I’ve decided to provide Chapter 1 of the manga this time around. As I said before: The Ring of Judgment expands on the incident involving the Bracers Guild in the …

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Sen no Kiseki Manga vol 2 Available for Preorder from Falcom’s Online Store


*Note: the image above is the cover for vol 1. The cover for vol 2 has yet to be unveiled. Falcom has made vol 2 of the Sen no Kiseki / Trails of Cold Steel manga available for pre-order on their online shop. This is the manga series that has been running in Falcom Magazine …

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