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Sen no Kiseki and Sen no Kiseki II Release Dates for the Kiseki 10th Anniversary – jdk Band Performance in Taipei


Sony Computer Entertainment Asia will be publishing Falcom’s Sen no Kiseki in China on 6/24, on the very same day that Sora no Kiseki was released ten years ago for both Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. The continuation title, Sen no Kiseki II, will also see a simultaneous release both in Japan and China, on …

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The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Super Price Edition to be Release on 6/26/2014


With the 10th Anniversary title for the Kiseki series, Sen no Kiseki II, being released in September, Falcom has made it easier for those who have yet to play its previous title to obtain the game. The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki will be released in a lower cost, Super Price Edition on 6/26/2014 …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 4/7/2014 – PSVita Sen no Kiseki Game + Guide + Soundtrack Set


With more Sen no Kiseki II information coming out this week and the Sen no Kiseki Super Arranged Album being released this week, there’s no time like the present to give the game a shot if you haven’t yet! As a result, the Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki is this week’s special. The Legend …

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Sen no Kiseki Super Arrange Version Samples Available

If you’re hyped for the Sen no Kiseki Super Arrange Version CD, you’re in luck- or maybe you may have the hype be a little more difficult. One and a half minute samples of each track were posted on iTunes. You can check out the samples below: The Sen no Kiseki Super Arrange CD will …

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Falcom Calendar Page Updated With May Wallpaper


The newest Falcom calendar wallpaper is released, this one featuring the cast of Sen no Kiseki II. You can find the wallpaper in the following resolutions: 1024×768 1280×960 1920×1080 1920×1200 Also noted is that the calendar has been updated with the dates that the company is closed for the month of May. May includes Golden …

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Details for Sen no Kiseki Visual Collection and Falcom Zanmai Books and Preorder Availability


The two books announced yesterday are now available on Falcom’s online store for pre-order. The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Visual Collection Item Number: B98 Pages: A4 – 176 pages ISBN: 978-4-04-866370-0 C0076 Produced By: ASCII Media Works Publisher: Kadokawa Release Date: 3/27/2014 Price: 2000 yen The ultimate fan book for Sen no Kiseki. …

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