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Ys Online Still Available on Taiwanese Servers

While the European and Japanese servers for Ys Online have been closed for quite some time, it seems that there’s still one open server. The best part is that not only is no region locking on it either, but they fully welcome overseas players as well- Paypal support has been added so that they can …

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Japanese Ys Online Game Host Terminating Services

CJ Entertainment, the Japanese publisher for Ys Online, has sent out an email to all of its subscribers stating that, as of 2/16/2012, Netmarble will be shutting down all of its services. I have not followed data much on Ys Online since it was blocked from people outside of Japan to know if it was …

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Friday Updates – 1/9/2010

Falcom New Year Party The Fal-Column talks about the company New Year party, complete with a staff photo. Oath in Felghana PSP Ranked on Yahoo! Games The game is currently at 16th on anticipated games. Ys Felghana PSP Site Updated Character Page Updated Chester is now featured on the character page. System Page Updated This …

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Friday Update – 12/4

This is going to be brief. Sorry. I’ve been caught up in finishing this semester at school. Ys Manga Updated Chapter 3 is up. Chapter 4 will be posted in 2/2010. You can find it on Yahoo Comics. Ys II Drama CD cast interviewed The interview in is this edition of the Fal-Column. Zwei!! Online’s …

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Ys Online Closed

It seems that Ys Online Europe closed a little earlier than the expected date. The URL is no longer responsive. I’m removing it from the links list as a result.

Delayed Update. 11/23/2009

Windows7 Titles Website Now Open You can find the information here. **Zwei II Plus New costumes and pet system. The G-Colsseo now has Arena Survival Mode. You can equip an item known as the ‘Muscle Gear’ – which is really Gallandou on a chain. This may be a reason to buy the rerelease alone!! Kappa …

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Ys Online Europe Closing

Announced on the website for Ys Online, the European run of the online game will be going out of service on Nov 30th. All KTP’s can be used in Key to Play’s other online game, Priston Tale 2. [ Ys Online European Website ]