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CD Version of Kiseki jdk Acoustics Album Announced

The recent digital release of the Kiseki jdk Acoustics album was Falcom’s experiment with the hi-res audio options, it should be no surprise that Falcom will be doing a physical release of the album eventually as well. The album has been announced for a release on 10/8 for its physical release. Despite this, you will …

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Kiseki JDK Acoustics Hi-Res Music Album to be Released on 8/27


Falcom has finally revealed the release date for the anticipated Kiseki JDK Acoustics album. It will be released for digital distribution on e-onkyo and mora on 8/27. This will also be the first original album to be released as a hi-res album. The Sen no Kiseki Original Soundtrack Master that was published to those same …

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Recollection of Ys vols 1 and 2 Available Digitally on Amazon.com


Two collections of Ys music have been released digitally on Amazon. Recollections of Ys vol 1 is a collection of original versions of Ys music, spanning from the PC98 to Ys Complete. Volume 2 is made up of multiple arranges from Super Arrange versions to New Age versions. As always, the links in this article …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 6/2/2014 – Ys VI | Ys Tribute | Songs of Zemeth Set

Ys VI Ark of Napishtim (Win 8 Version) (Originally for 3,200 yen) Ys Tribute (Originally for 1,050 yen) The Songs of Zemeth ~ Ys VI Vocal Edition ~ (Originally for 2,800 yen) Kiseki Magazine vol. 4 (Not for Sale) The total retail cost of this set is 7,050 yen. The special price is –> 3,700 …

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The Songs of Zemeth Instrumental Only Album Digitally Available on Amazon


The non-vocal version of the Songs of Zemeth album is now available on Amazon for digital purchase for $7.99 or $.99 per track. This is the second disc that was with the Songs of Zemeth set originally, the vocal collection of music for Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim. Take note that these are instrumental …

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Falcom Unpublished Music 2007 Now Live on Amazon for Digital Purchase


Falcom uploaded the Falcom Unpublished Music 2007 album to multiple sources this week. One of which is internationally on Amazon. This album is a collection of multiple tracks that have either never been published or used in their games, as the title implies. You can find it for $5.99 for all of the tracks, or …

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