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Dengeki Playstation’s Kiseki Series 10th Anniversary Poll Midpoint Results


For the past few issues, Dengeki Playstation has been doing a poll for the Kiseki series 10th anniversary. This poll, however, is still going, so the results may yet change! If you want to participate, you will need to reach out to Dengeki via mail or email by 6/6/2014. If you wish to participate in …

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Two New Kiseki Series Novels to be Released in June and Falcom Books Campaign


Falcom’s online store is showing two new Kiseki related novels being released on 6/24. The first is the Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki – Itsuka Anata to Ochai wo novel. This is a collection of stories as they were published in Falcom Magazine, finally compiled and released in book form. This one featuring stories …

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Updates to Falcom’s Golden Week Sale


Earlier this week, I posted about Falcom’s Golden Week sale. There have not only been a bunch of sold out items, but new items have since shown up as well. Sold Out Titles The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion (PC) The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki the 3rd (PC) Sen no …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 3/31/2014 – Zero no Kiseki Game + Special Collection Book + CD Set


The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki (PSP the Best) (Originally for 2200 yen) The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Special Collection Book (Originally for 1800 yen) The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Super Arrange Version (Originally for 2800 yen) Mishie Charm (Originally for 777 yen) Kiseki Magazine vol. 3 (Not for Sale) …

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Check Out the Amazing Sora no Kiseki Evolution April Fool’s Page


While it may be March 31st in North America, some parts of the world (especially Japan) are already on April 1st. Falcom’s not always indulged in big April Fool’s shenanigans, but it seems that Chara-Ani has definitely jumped in on it by changing the top page of the Ao no Kiseki Evolution Website to feature …

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Yuko Minaguchi and Yuu Asakawa to Appear at AnimeBoston!


AnimeBoston has added two Japanese voice actresses to their roster: Yuko Minaguchi and Yuu Asakawa. Yuko Minaguchi is the Japanese voice actress that has played Klose Rinz (Kloe in Trails in the Sky) in the Kiseki series. She has appeared in Sora no Kiseki FC, SC, the 3rd, and Ys vs Sora no Kiseki. While …

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