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[EDITORIAL] Udon Entertainment’s Kiseki Series “The Characters” and “The Illustration” Artbooks


I apologize in advance for the quality of my photos. Cell phone camera and all. I was eager to pick up these books to support a good opportunity of something, even if it’s a little questionable choice to release them to English speaking fans when only 1/5th of the games featured in them has been …

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Falcom Music Chronicle Special Album Available on Amazon


Falcom has released another album available for purchase on Amazon.com. This is the bonus CD that came with the Falcom Music Chronicle book set that was released in 2013. The album has 7 tracks. They are: 1. Lost Woods -Acoustic Band Version- (From The Legend of Heroes III: White Witch) 2. Stairs to the Light …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Year End Special – Zero-Ao-Nayuta no Kiseki Soundtrack Collection


This January marks 2014, the tenth anniversary of the Kiseki series. As a result, the year-end special contains a number of soundtracks for several games of the series. As a note, Falcom will be closed for the New Year holiday from 12/29 ~ 1/5. As a result, orders will not be processed or shipped until …

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New Page and New Cast Members Revealed for the Falcom Academy Anime


A new page has been unveiled on Falcom’s website for the Falcom Academy anime that starts on 1/5. Along with the new website, new cast members have been unveiled. Dark Fact – Kazuyuki Okitsu Olivier – Takehito Koyasu Lloyd – Tetsuya Kakihara Tita – Hiromi Konno Renne – Kumiko Nishihara Dogi – Keisuke Baba Geis …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 12/9/2013 – Zero no Kiseki PC Edition Game + Guide + CD Set


The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki (Win 8 Edition) (Originally for 3200 yen) The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki The Complete Guide + Setting Materials (Originally for 1800 yen) The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Super Arrange Version (Originally for 2800 yen) Mishie Charm (Originally for 777 yen) Monthly Kiseki Magazine Vol. …

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Falcom Academy Anime to Broadcasting Begins on 1/5/2014 on TOKYO MX


Back in November, the “Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy” anime series was announced. This is going to be based on the gag-4koma series that has run in Falcom Magazine for quite some time. It’s now official that this anime series will kick off 2014, the year of the Kiseki series 10th anniversary, on Sunday, Jan 5th. …

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