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Zwei!! Online Website Open

The Korean website for Zwei!! Online has opened today. [ Zwei!! Online (Korean) ]

Friday Update – 12/11

Gurumin Super Price Ed. Available on Playstation Store in Japan On 12/10, Gurumin will be available on the Japanese Playstation Store at its Super Price edition price. (talk about redundant?) 12/15, it will be available in other countries in the Asian area. It will be available in Korea in 1/2010. This is already available on …

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Friday Update – 12/4

This is going to be brief. Sorry. I’ve been caught up in finishing this semester at school. Ys Manga Updated Chapter 3 is up. Chapter 4 will be posted in 2/2010. You can find it on Yahoo Comics. Ys II Drama CD cast interviewed The interview in is this edition of the Fal-Column. Zwei!! Online’s …

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