History of Zemuria

Pre-Septian Era

  • Spoilery stuff happened.

Septian Era

Dark Ages until the Orbal Revolution

Before Septian Era

  • Catastrophe of the ancient Zemuria civilization
    The cataclysmic series of events 1200 years ago when the ancient civilizations of Zemuria all fell. The ultimate cause of the Collapse is uncertain but is believed to be linked to the disappearance of the Sept-Terrion.

Approx. 0 SE

  • Founding of Liberl Kingdom

Until 500 SE

  • The Dark Ages
    The five centuries of chaos following the Great Collapse, during which the pre-Collapse civilizations were destroyed and accurate knowledge of them and their technology vanished. This age ended in approximately 500 SE when the Septian Church was founded and helped restore order to the continent.

After 500 SE

  • Period of stabilisation through the Septian Church

Approx. 900 SE

  • Idolisation of Eidos

1075 SE

  • Inauguration of the clock tower in Rolent, Liberl Kingdom
    Erected in partnership with the Royal Family, Septian Church and Rolent City.

Approx. 1100 SE

  • Abolishment of aristocracy and foundation of present-day Liberl Kingdom

1100 SE

  • Founding of the Calvard Republic

1134 SE

  • Founding of Crossbell State

1144 SE

  • Construction of Crossbell State’s town hall

Orbal Revolution until the start of the series

1150 SE

  • Orbal Revolution
  • Establishment of the Bracer Guild


Start of the series

  • Estelle and Joshua become bracers.



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