Falcom Weekly Special + Ys Seven Notes + Site Notes

ThisWeek’s Special

The Legend of Heroes III: White Witch Set
This includes:
The Legend of Heroes III: White Witch (Vista Version)
Original Soundtrack First Part
Original Soundtrack Second Part
White Witch Anthology Comic
Falcom Calendar 2009-2010

These items total 8,777 yen. They’re being sold for 4,700.

They are taking ten orders, or it’s good until 7/16, whichever comes first.

Weekly Sales
Gurumin PSP for 3200 yen (normally 3960)
Zwei!! PSP for 3500 yen (normally 3960)
The Legend of Heroes I-IV Piano Collection for 1200 yen (normally 1980)
Symphony Gagharv Trilogy for 1800 yen (normally for 2800)

Ys Seven Notes
In the Falcom News Express #55, Ika-chan mentions that there will be more news for Ys Seven in the upcoming future, especially now that Ys Chronicles is about to be released.

Site Notes
A majority of updates are likely to be posted on Fridays, as these are Falcom’s usual ‘update’ days. …however, they’ve been doing random updates, lately, on Wednesdays too.

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