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Post-Otakon 2009

Those of you coming to Esterior.net after being given the URL from Otakon, welcome to the site!

The Falcom panel at the convention went off as a success. Unfortunately, we all ran out of time in our attempts to cover everything… we’ll probably ask for a 1 1/2 hour or 2 hour slot next year. Then it won’t have to be so rushed. :o

The prizes that were given out were:

*Oath in Felghana limited edition
*Ys VI Ark of Napishtim PC – a pack that was released as a weekly special with game soundtrack and Sounds of Zemeth CD.
*The Legacy of the Wizard for the NES – complete with box, game slip, instructions, and the original ads that were tucked into it.
*Ys I-II Complete – gold box/book version
*Ys I-II Chronicles PSP + Preorder bonuses + Falcom Calendar 2009-2010 – We had good fortune in getting a copy of this in time for the panel. Whoo!
*Brandish Dark Revenant + Strategy Guide + Soundtrack
*JDK Band CDs + Gurumin PSP (English) + Falcom Calendar 2009-2010

Secret Prizes:
One box contained a Star Trader mousepad. A really nice mouse pad, in fact, but it smelled, as it had been kept in a box for almost 20 years.
The other box contained a Felicia Blue PSP with a number of Falcom Themes, as well as being packaged with Ys VI PSP, Gurumin PSP, and Zwei!! PSP.

Those of you who came to the panel, thank you for coming! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I hope to get to talk to many of you here on the site.

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