Ys Seven Website Updated! Yahoo!Games Ranking for Ys Seven

We finally have a system update on the Ys Seven website. It is broken up into multiple sections:

They describe that this game will have a new ‘dimension’ to the style of action that is found in the Ys games. Ys has always had a simple combat engine, and while they’ve refreshed it, they are trying to maintain the original simplicity as well.

New to the Ys series is the PartyPlay engine. You can have a single party of three characters.

Skill System
Characters have specific attacks that they’re capable of performing in order to deal large amounts of damage.

It also goes into the Extra Skill – a unique and powerful skill each character possesses.

The large monsters of Arthago and their high intensity battles- there will be a number of battles with large monsters and bosses throughout Arthago. Bosses will have intense action and high speed battles. Also- outside of boss battles, you may encounter large enemies in the fields.

It also details an item synthesis and miniquest system. You can collect items from gathering points on the highways or from defeating monsters in battle. These items are used to create better equipment for the party. You can also obtain rare items as a reward by completing mini-quests for the townspeople.

Difficulty Levels
There are four difficulty levels that will be featured in the game:
Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare

Updates to the Downloads Page
PSP Wallpapers: Mustafa and Myshera
PC Wallpaper: Elk
PSP Themes: Maya and Mustafa

Ys Seven #2 Anticipated PSP Game
Ys Seven is currently #4 on the ranking for anticipated games on all systems on Yahoo! Games. It follows Monster Hunter 3 (Wii), Tales of Vesperia (PS3), and Tales of VS (PSP)

This also makes it the #2 anticipated game for the PSP.

It currently has a score of 95/100.

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