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Wednesday Updates to Falcom’s Website

Lots of them today. :o

Ys Seven still number 1 anticipated game from Yahoo! Games

Ys Series Portal Site Updated

New quest: Lilia’s Apple Search.
You are now looking for any apples that do not have any bites in them. Collect them, then submit them via the link on the quest site to have a chance to win an Ys Seven Muffler Towel. One is being given away.

The second picard has been posted on the portal site, as well.

The top Senryuu entries for 8/12 and 8/18 are posted as well.

1/200 scale Alseille Model
Falcom is teaming up with Kotobukiya to be releasing a 1/200 scale cold cast model of the famed airship of the Liberl Kingdom from Sora no Kiseki! More information can be found on the Fal-Column.

Shop Specials for Ys Seven have been released!

Softmap is releasing two telephone cards for purchases of Ys Seven. For the standard edition, it’s an image of Adol as an Arthago aristocrat. The Drama CD edition has a Roman bath image with ultiple characters as well.

Medialand’s is a telephone card with a ‘gladiator Adol’ image drawn for it.

Imajin’s Telephone card is the ‘Team Arthago’ design.

Play Diary Part 2!
Here, Ika-chan talks about how different characters play in certain situations, such as Adol vs a soft-bodied enemy, when compared to Dogi and a hard shelled enemy. She explains that it’s easy to switch between Adol and Dogi, just using the ‘square’ button.

—when I’ve got more time (sitting in an airport right now), I’ll give more details on it, as there’s more details on the software control, too.

Ys Seven Site Updated!
Downloads page currently has–
PSP Wallpapers – Fatima and Sigroon
PC Wallpapers – Mustafa
PSP Themes – Mishera and Arthago

New Characters!
(Under Sub Characters)
Sigroon (23) – Sigroon is a female dragon knight charged as Aisha’s escort, and is the 100th Dragon Captain. She is a master archer, possesses a cool and honest personality, and is very adaptable. She is set to searching for Aisha when she sneaks out of the palace.

Draizen (50) – The general of the Dragon Knights. He was a member of the Seigram village, and was invited to become part of the knights by the duke, and he handed his position over to his son Mustafa. He is a fair, yet stubborn person, and he urges for caution from Adol and his team.

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