Ys Portal Site Updated

Challenge!Ys Quest
Main Quest – Picard Search! – Help Emilio find the Picards scattered around the Ys Portal Site. Send Falcom with the number of Picards hidden on the site, to be entered into a drawing for a prize.
This contest goes from 8/5 to 8/11.
Prize: A copy of Ys I&II Chronicles for PSP!

Sub Quest – Seeking the Phantom Picard
For the next month, once a week, one rare picard will show up on the portal site somewhere with a keyword. At the end of the month, after all four have shown up, the four keywords must be put into the right order, and submitted. All correct entries will receive a specialty wallpaper.

Ys Research Report Vol 3 Submitted
Zundara Time – Zundara time is a pattern in music that’s mimicked by saying the phrase ‘Zundara’ ‘Zundara’ – this comes into an 8th, and double 16th note combination. They can be in phrasing or rhythm. This entry talks about the songs in the Ys series that use the Zundara Time pattern.

Gallery Updated
New PSP wallpapers, PC wallpapers, and 4koma posted.

Senryuu Contest
The top Senryuu for July have been posted.

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