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YsSeven has been knocked to number 2 on Yahoo Games’ anticipated list.

Falcom Illustrations on Art Clip
Art Clip’s renewed version opens 9/14/2009. Here, there is a collection of illustrations for various video games. Members of the site have the ability to browse their library of artwork, and can order prints from A6 ~ A3 in size.

Ys Seven Play Diary #8
Today’s entry is about the ability to equip gear and weapons. Different gear does change the appears with the characters in the game.

They also go into the fact that Adol can change combat forms- from blade, to impact, to projectile- according to the weapon he has equipped. (The example they had was a Great Sword does impact damage.

There are examples how you can dynamically change the party with Adol by changing his combat style. If you change his style in a party with Dogi and Geis, you’re still fulfilling all three types at once.

Ys Seven Site Updated
Two new themes are posted on the site. They will be gone on 9/24.

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Note: Due to Labor Day weekend and Anime Convention shenanigans with that, I will be slow to update, if at all, this weekend. I’ll try to catch up on updates Monday night if I can’t make them during the con.

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