Friday Updates – 9/4

Sorano Kiseki drama CDs 5 and 6

CD 5 is centered on Tita and her family. The cast is as follows:
Tita: Konno Hiromi
Agate: Kondou Takayuki
Erika: Yukino Satsuki
Dan: Kusao Takeshi
Dr. Russell: Aono Takeshi
Kirika: Yonemoto Chizu
Renne: Nishihara Kumiko

CD 6 is centered on Klose and her school life. The cast is:
Klose: Minaguchi Yuuko
Lechter: Morita Masakazu
Jill: Hirohashi Ryou
Hans: Kisaichi Atsushi
Principal Collins: Asou Tomohisa
Estelle: Kanda Akemi
Joshua: Saiga Mitsuki

They will both be released through Char-Ani, for 3,150 yen each, or 6,300 for both packaged. They will be released on November 28th.

Falcom is now preselling the Ys Seven silver pendant

You can find the pendant on their site. It’s also possible to get it packaged with both of the Ys Seven releases.

On this note, they no longer have these computer generated mockups of the pendants. The actual images are now posted on both Falcom’s website as well.

Weekly Specials

Weekly Special
Brandish Dark Revenant PSP (Originally 3960 yen)
Brandish Dark Revenant Guidebook (Originally 1500 yen)
Brandish Original Soundtrack FM Towns & Renewal (Not for Sale)

Total Price comes to 5,460 yen. Special Price —> 4,200 yen

This is good until 9/10, or until 20 orders have been made.

Weekly Sales
These are good from 9/4 to 9/17
Dinosaur Resurrection (Normally 3960 yen) for 1980 yen.
Zwei!! PSP (Normally 3960 yen) for 3500 yen.
Original Soundtrack Cagesong of the Ocean – First Part (Normally 1980 yen) for 1200 yen.
Original Soundtrack Cagesong of the Ocean – Last Part (Normally 1980 yen) for 1200 yen.

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