Friday Updates

YsSeven event updated
Another store has been added for the meet and play event that will be at Sakuraya on the 17th. This will be at Messasenoh, on the first floor, from 15:00 to 19:00.

Arseille Model Updates
There are now colored images of the Arseille model posted on the staff blog!
The blog has this information on it:
42 arje / 200 = 21 rije. 1 rije = 1cm. Therefore the model is 21cm in length.

It should be on sale by the end of the year.

Also, there’s a PS on the entry:
The Sora no Kiseki manga should begin in October. More information on it should be coming out soon.

Ys Portal Site Updated
Hint from Elena: they actually did not post on the top site that it had been updated. Thanks!

New Quests
1) Lots of Adols – You have an image and you need to count the number of a specific image of Adol in it.
2) The fairy quest has been updated. Now Xisa is somewhere on the portal site.Both of these end on 9/15.

Ys Seven website updated
New PSP and PC wallpapers are up.
PSP: Opening Ver. Adol and Dogi, and Open ver Aisha
PC: Cast shot.

These will be changed out, along with the theme on 9/24.

Ys Seven Commercial
There are talks on 2ch of an Ys Seven commercial, but I’ve been unable to find it on youtube or niconico douga. I’m still looking.

Ys Seven Shipping Preparations Have Begun
Gillian Seed @ ALoY attempted to make a change to his order with Falcom, and was told that they are unable to make any changes to orders due to preparing to ship the Ys Seven preorders.

As a result, it is not possible to change any orders you’ve made. Please take that into account.

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Weekly Special / Sales

Weekly Special
Ys Oath in Felghana Vista Ed. (Originally 3960 yen)
Ys Oath in Felghana Perfect Guide (Originally 1800 yen)
Original Soundtrack Ys Oath in Felghana (Originally 2980 yen)

Total Price comes to 8740 yen. Special Price —> 4700 yen
This is good until 9/17 or until 20 orders are filled.

Weekly Sales
Same as last week, since they run two weeks. These are good until 9/17.
Dinosaur Resurrection (Normally 3960 yen) for 1980 yen.
Zwei!! PSP (Normally 3960 yen) for 3500 yen.
Original Soundtrack Cagesong of the Ocean – First Part (Normally 1980 yen) for 1200 yen.
Original Soundtrack Cagesong of the Ocean – Last Part (Normally 1980 yen) for 1200 yen.

Site Update
I just noticed the release dates on the sidebar. I’ll update that as soon as this is posted.I also decided to run an RSS feed on this site as well. You’ll see both changes shortly.

Strategy Guide Site Update?
The site that I linked to in my previous post has taken down this guide description.There were a number of complaints of how many spoilers the site had on it. Frankly, I didn’t notice it myself since I scanned it in a rush and saw more on the images than the text.

I apologize for that.

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