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Sorano Kiseki manga series
Dogi-Masshigura made a post in the Fal-Column today talking about a few things, primarily a Sora no Kiseki manga that should be starting this fall.
He started with Ys Seven, mentioning how Nightmare Mode prohibits the use of accessories and items. But then he added, “However, today’s news is not for Ys Seven, rather it’s for Sora no Kiseki.”

There are three rough sketches shown, all of which will be posted below this. He’s also mentioned that it seems to be running along the Sora no Kiseki FC story- and even Teo makes an appearance in the rough sketches.

More details will be announced later- probably in an update later this week.

Ys Series Portal Site Updated
Quests Section
Quests Photo of Memories and the Phantom Piccard have closed to receiving answers.
Current quests:
–Slaugh’s Summer Night
This appears to be a word puzzle. There’s a story in it, and you have to answer a question at the end of it according to it.
Five winners will be named, each winning JDK Band Live T-Shirts.
This is open from 9/2 ~ 9/8.

–Let’s Go, Fairies!
Like the phantom piccard, this is a multiweek quest.
You have to find Geis’ homunculi across the Ys Portal Site.
This week, from 9/2 ~ 9/8, you have to find Jue.
The hint is that she may show up anywhere from the top page, or any of the Ys Portal Site event pages. I’ve also noticed that they can/will appear in banners. Keep your eyes peeled.
She will have a keyword. Like before, these keywords must be pieced together for a secret phrase.

Gallery Section
New PC Wallpapers and 4koma are posted.

New Senryuu are posted, as well.

Dogi Radio
I also apparently missed an update here.
For this ‘broadcast,’ Dogi’s guest is Geis, and they talk about the bosses in the Ys games. And he dons a long black wig to look awesome and sexy- much to Geis’ dismay.

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