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One Day to Ys Seven

Of course, there are people in Japan who already have the game, so there are videos popping up on nico douga of the game in action.

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8244417– This includes some gameplay.
http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8244546 – This includes the opening sequence.

Ys Portal Site Updated
These updates include Dogi*Radio having a new episode ‘on air.’

Also, in the quests, there are two flowers amongst the crew traveling with Adol in Ys Seven around either the Ys Portal Site and the Ys Seven Website.

To enter this contest, you fill out who has the white flower and who has the blue flower and submit it.

The prize is two CDs- Ys I&II Complete Sound Collection, and the Ys I&II Chronicles Soundtrack mini.

Three names will be selected for the prize.This contest runs from 9/16 to 9/29.

Also- Jue is somewhere on the site now. She’ll be out until 9/24.

New PSP wallpapers are now available on the website.

There are a new set of Senryuu posted.

Legend of Heroes VII Images
More images for ED7 have surfaced on 2ch. Better than the previous six I had posted.I’ve gone ahead and posted them as well:

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  1. For the quests section, I believe you need to count the total number of white and blue flowers, spread amongst the seven Ys 7 party members. When you go to submit your answer, it asks for the *number* of each as well.

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