Friday Updates – 10/9/09

Sorry for the slow response. I’m on a trip again this weekend. This is a big post in return, however. Also, I’m experimenting with a ‘short article’ and ‘long article’ so you guys don’t have to get spammed with the track listings.

…which, there are some spoilers in the Ys Seven OST’s track list, unsurprisingly.

Ys Portal Site Updated
Dogi*Radio has a chapter now ‘on air.’ His guest is Olha, and they’re talking about locations in the series.Ys Quests have been updated.’Hidden Message’ is now up. Where you’ll be completing a message in a crossword for Aisha.

This is open until 10/13.The new message in Tia’s quest is out on the website as well.The hints still play- Ys Portal Site and event sites.

This message will be out until 10/13 as well.

Senryuu Updated – Two senryuu for 10/7 ~ 10/13 are posted.

Ys Seven Highly Ranked on Yahoo Games
Ys Seven is still in #1 on Yahoo! Games for satisfaction. It currently holds a 96/100.
#2 is Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete [FF13 Trial Version] for PS3 with a score of 94/100.
#3 is Gundam Battle Universe for the PSP with 93/100.

Ys Soundtracks Release Date Announced
Ys Seven Soundtrack released on 11/19/2009.
Release Data:
Item #: M049
Info: 52 tracks over 2 CDs
Price: 2980 yen

Ys I-II Chronicles Original Soundtrack released on 11/19/2009.
Release Data:Item #: M048
Info: 55 tracks over 2 CDs
Price: 2980 yen
2 Disc compilation of the Chronicles Arranged tracks from the PSP Ys I&II Chronicles release.

The PC-88 and Original (Complete) versions are not included on the soundtrack.

Weekly Special Information
The Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki SC (Vista Ed) (Originally 5600 yen)
Sora no Kiseki SC Perfect Guide (Originally 1700 yen)
Sora no Kiseki SC Original Soundtrack (Originally 2980 yen)

Total Price comes to 10,280 yen. Special Price –>5700 yen

This special lasts until 10/15, or until 20 orders have been filled.

Weekly Sales – Sale continues through 10/15
Dinosaur Resurrection (Vista Edition) (Normally 3960 yen) for 1980 yen.
Genso Sangokushi II (Vista Edition) (Normally 6200 yen) for 3800 yen.
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC (Vista Edition) (Normally 3960 yen) for 3400 yen.
Xanadu Next Original Soundtrack (Normally 1980 yen) for 1200 yen.

Fal-Column Updated
Ika-chan writes a column entry as they’ve received their silver pendants. Pictured in it is the Bracer Logo pendant. Ika also photographed another staff member wearing the Alma crest pendant.

New IR reports
10/8/2009 – Ys Chronicles and Ys Seven soundtracks released on 11/19
10/8/2009 – Music from Ys I&II Chronicles (PC-88 and Original Mode) released on iTunes Store on 11/5/2009

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