Friday Updates – 11/13/2009

IR Reports
These are the standard regular financial reports. However, one of these reports does bring up several interesting statement.
The file of interest will be the Supplementary Materials PDF.

Page 3:
For the period till 9/2010, the production of goods will increase, aiming to yield a higher profit and cost efficiency.
* Pressing forward into PC Market Activity with the releases of Zwei II Plus, Ys I&II Chronicles, and the Sora no Kiseki series for Windows 7 platforms
* Pressing forward with the expansion of the series by releasing the new title of the Legend of Heroes series
*Pressing forward with the advancement of PSP goods and contents in North America.

Page 5:
(Items of note)
* The new work of the Legend of Heroes series to be introduced soon.
The eagerly anticipated new chapter of the series to be announced. Please wait for the follow-up report!
* Implementation of release of PSP Titles in North America
With the release of the company’s popular titles in North America, the profit gains being sought out are no longer with Japan only, but world wide. With publisher cooperation, there is the advancement towards increasing sales.
(ugh, awful translation, but I’m still new to this marketing language! XD)

It looks like there are two major things coming up.
1) The next major announcement, I predict, will be Legend of Heroes VII. (see entry below? Does that mean ED7 will be PSP?)
2) It appears that Falcom’s made agreements with a North American publisher of some sort. More details as I find them out.

Links to the reports:
Sept Period Balance Sheet Letter
Balance Sheet Supplementary Materials
Notice concerning earnings forecast adjustments

Dengeki Playstation 11/27?!
Mentioned in both the weekly mail magazine and the staff blog on Hot Information. It seems like something is happening on 11/27’s issue of Dengeki PS. I’ll keep you posted on it.

Sora no Kiseki – Tita Story Drama CD Recording Report
Mostly interviews with the cast of the new drama CD, but information of who’s been cast to play the characters:
(Family name first)
Tita – Kanno Hiromi (Played Tita in the games)
Agate – Kondou Takayuki (Played Agate in the games)
Kirika – Yonemoto Chizu (Played Kirika in 3rd)
Renne – Nishihara Kumiko (Played Renne in the games)
Dan Russell – Kusao Takeshi (The voice actor for Adol in the Ys OAV and drama CDs)
Erika Russell – Yukino Satsuki (She has played Milly in Trigun, Kagome in Inu Yasha, Nenene in R.O.D. the TV, and Kaname in Full Metal Panic, and Yoruichi in Bleach amongst others)
Dr. Russell – Aono Takeshi (Rodyle in Tales of Symphonia, Maxwell in Eternia, Roy Campbell in the Metal Gear Solid games, Hanzou in Samurai Spirits)

Also, on another note- it looks like that the JDK Band will be composing a specific song for the Tita drama CD, called Dragon Dive ~Agate noa Akage noa~ (I’m not going to try translating that. XD;; Someone else can try their hand with it!)

This is the very same Agate noa Akage noa from the Unused music CD that came with the original box for FC.

This Fal-Column issue also mentioned that there’s an article in Famitsu no. 1092 about Ys Seven, and how enjoyable of a game it is.

It was also in this entry that the 11/27 was mentioned.

Weekly Specials and Sales
Weekly Special:

Ys I&II Chronicles (PSP Ed.) (Originally 3960 yen)
Ys I&II Chronicles Complete Guidebook (Originally 1500 yen)
Ys I&II Best Sound Collection (Not for Sale)
Ys I&II Chronicles Soundtrack Mini (Not for sale)
Ys Seven fan (Not for sale)

Total price comes to 5460 yen. Special price –> 4400 yen!
This special lasts until 11/19 or until 20 orders have been filled.

Weekly Sales:
These sales will run from 11/13 ~ 11/26-
Genso Sangokushi II (Normally 6200 yen) for 2800 yen.
Vantage Master Portable (Normally 3960 yen) for 2900 yen.
Falcom JDK Band 1 CD (Normally 1980 yen) for 1200 yen.
Zwei!! Super Arrange Version CD (Normally 2800 yen) for 1800 yen.

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