Wednesday Updates – 11/4

New Silver Pendant Design Released
Chara-Ani is now taking preorders for a new silver pendant. This pendant is of the crest of the Liberl Royal Family, and matches the design found on the Alseille.

SaleDate: 02/2010
Reservations open from 11/4/09 to 1/21/10
Limit 10 per person.
Price: 8,400 yen.

The page for it is located here.

Preorders now being taken for the Alseille model
Both Kotobukiya and Falcom are now taking orders for the Arseille/Alseille model from Sora no Kiseki. This is an extremely limited item, so if you’re interested, you probably want to get your order in now.

Order # (on Falcom’s site): Y04
Scale: 1/200
Size: 21cm (21 Rije)
Manufacturing Material: Cold Cast
Release Date: 12/19/2009
Price: 17,400 yen
More images can be found here.

And Ika-chan spends some time talking about it on the latest Fal-Column entry.

Brandish 2: The Planet Buster Patch is Released!
Synchronicity has released their patch for Brandish 2 today.You can find it on their forum.

Notes from their post:
Programmer: sqykly
Translator: denpanosekai
Beta testers: FwugRadiation, epic88, Sardien, lanzoru
Extra thanks:, ALoY, xezekielx, Nihon Falcom for a great game.

Ys Portal Site Updated
Senryuu- The best Senryuu of October are posted.
Gallery- two new PSP wallpapers have been posted.

[ Chara-Ani Website ]
[ Kotobukiya Shop Website ]
[ Synchronicity’s Website ]
[ Ys Series Portal Site ]
[ Falcom Online Shop ]
[ Fal-Column ]

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