Ys I-II Drama CDs

YsI & II Drama CDs announced-
Ys I ~ The Vanished Ancient Kingdom ~
Ys II ~ The Lost Paradise of the Heavens ~

Both of these have been announced by Falcom to be released by Chara-Ani on 12/26/2009.

They both feature a number of the cast from the OAV series and cover art by Katsukame Hashi. (If you have access to pixiv, you can find his account here if you want to see his art style.)

The discs are 3150 individually, or you can get them in a set for 6300. Preorders will begin on 11/5/09.

The cast (family name first):
Adol Christin – Kusao Takeshi
Dogi – Genda Tesshou
Narration / Darm – Ginga Banjou
Feena – Kawasumi Ayako
Reah – Ueda Kana
Lilia – Kitamura Eri
Dark Fact – Madono Mitsuaki
Dalles – Kosugi Jurouta
Sara – Terada Haruhi
Goban – Oonishi Takeharu
Luta – Mori Norihisa
Jevah – Akaike Yumiko
Maria – Saitou Chiwa

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  1. So we have Saber (Fate/Stay Night)/Mahoro (Mahoramatic) voicing Feena, Rin (Fate/Stay Night)/Saki (Saki) voicing Reah, and Saya (Blood+)/Makoto (Idolmaster Xenoglossia) voicing Lilia…. C.T.

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