Friday Updates – 1/9/2010

Falcom New Year Party
The Fal-Column talks about the company New Year party, complete with a staff photo.

Oath in Felghana PSP Ranked on Yahoo! Games
The game is currently at 16th on anticipated games.

Ys Felghana PSP Site Updated

Character Page Updated
Chester is now featured on the character page.

System Page Updated
This page is now showing about the three sound modes in the PSP version:
*Felghana Original

Special Page Updated
An interview with Chester’s voice actor is now included.

Banners for Elena and Chester are now available.

PC and PSP wallpapers updated with a wallpaper of Adol.

PSP- 480×272

The wallpaper will be updated on 1/14/2010.

Ys Online Going Global?
I’m a little slow on the uptake on this, it looks like… but still.
Ys Online is now listed on NetMarble’s global site.
This is also confirmed as ongoing on the forums from a GM. They’re still planning the date of release.

Also listed on the global Ys Online site:
Ys Online is owned by Netmarble. It is currently being developed for global services.
Sounds good, doesn’t it?
I’ll be adding Netmarble to the sites on the right menu, as well.

Other Notes
I’m working on that email issue, by the way. You can also reach me at vorfeed ‘at’ swordbreaker ‘dot’ com in the meanwhile.

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