New Sora no Kiseki Drama CDs and Silver Pendant – Falcom now on Twitter

Falcom is now on Twitter
You can find them with the username @NihonFalcom.

As a result, I’ve kind of had the decision to do a bit of the same. I’ve created the twitter account @EndlessHistory to try and echo their updates in English. I doubt I’ll be able to do them as frequent, but I’ll certainly try.

New Sora no Kiseki Drama CDs
Two new drama CDs have been announced:
Sora no Kiseki: Advanced Chapter and Sora no Kiseki: Ouroboros Report.

Advanced Chapter is story centered on Estelle and Joshua that takes place after 3rd. They were unable to track down Renne after the game’s events, and they have chosen to return to their own country. Upon their arrival, they find someone waiting for them. This latest work begins to turn the story towards Legend of Heroes VII!

Current cast as posted on Chara-Ani:
Estelle Bright: Kanda Akemi
Joshua Bright: Saiga Mitsuki
Agate: Kondou Takayuki
Tita: Konno Hiromi

Ouroboros Report
The Ouroboros organization was the masterminds behind the Shining Ring incident. This story is from the viewpoint of this organization that involved all of Liberl in this great disaster. What will The Fool, Campanella, have to say from his view of the incident?

Current cast as posted on Chara-Ani:
Loewe: Midorikawa Hikaru
Weismann: Tanaka Hideyuki
Estelle Bright: Kanda Akemi
Joshua Bright: Saiga Mitsuki

…though if you look at the bundle, the following cast members are also mentioned:
Cassius Bright: Kishino Yukimasa
Colonel Richard: Miura Hiroaki

There’s nothing to identify which one they’re in. I’d wager the Ouroboros Report game.

These drama CDs will be released on 3/27.

Ouroboros Silver Pendant

Sometimein April of this year, the next piece of the silver pendant series will be released of the Ouroboros emblem.

I will be keeping an eye on chara-ani to see when the actual pendant is posted.

Material: Silver 925
Weight: Approx. 8g
Texture: Plate Laser
Treatment: Inkless Glazing Process
Chain: 45cm
Size: Approx 30x30mm

Ys Seven IraCon Due date in less than a week
Those of you who are entering the Ys Seven illustration contest- remember to get your entries in before the 31st. The date is coming up on you quickly.

Anyhow. I’ll be making a few changes to the site over the course of the day to include the new release dates and a link to the site’s twitter account. :D

[ NihonFalcom @ Twitter ]
[ Falcom’s Hot Information page ]
[ Chara-Ani catalog ]

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  1. Even though they are gaiden, the drama CDs sound interesting enough (Epecially Advanced Chapter.) that I really wish someone can get ahold of the CDs when they are released and give a sypnosis of the plot. C.T.

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