Tons of News for This Weekend

Nothing major. I’m just very behind this weekend. Stuff happened. Anyway. Let’s begin~

FelghanaPSP Ranking Update
Oath in Felghana PSP is now 6th on the anticipated games ranking.

Oath in Felghana Website Updated
Story Section
Information on the Felghana region is now posted on the site.

Character Section
Dularn is now on the characters page.

Special Section
New wallpaper for Chester posted:


The resolutions available are:
PSP – 480×272

This wallpaper remains from 1/28 to 2/4.

Custom themes updated:

located here.

This is posted from 1/28 to 2/12.

Order Section Updated
Preorders for Felghana PSP are now open.
Falcom’s added a new preorder bonus: this will be the 2010/2011 Calendar. :D – this is only if you order through Falcom’s mail order. has an exclusive preorder item as well: this is the CD for the X68000 version soundtrack.

Key Twitter Updates
Falcom posted on twitter that Felghana PSP with the drama CD is #5 on the best sellers for PSP games, and standard edition was #12. However, when I got the link, they were at 9 and 17.

The company had a meeting to look over the PV for Oath in Felghana PSP. This will probably be released soon.

Renne is currently ranked #5 on Yahoo! Games’ weekly character ranking. She just jumped up to that position from 10.

A random photo of the conference room and figurine display case has been posted on twitter.

They don’t know if it’ll happen at all, but if Felghana PSP is available for download purchase, it won’t be for awhile.

They would like to develop for XBLA, but they don’t know how profitable it would be for them to do so.

They posted links to this picture of the JDK band and this youtube video of them at their last performance.

Falcom also stated that with the video and sound quality they have of the concerts, it’d be hard to release a DVD of one of the concerts.

They’re also looking for a venue for a summer concert that they want to have for the JDK band. They’re hoping to have a place that can have from 700-1200 people. They’re needing specific requirements, which is making budgeting difficult.

Cel Phone tools released
Wallpapers and Status Images for cell phones being released for phones in Japan.

Ys themed items are now available on docomo phones, with them being released for au and Softbank in Feb.
Sora no Kiseki items have all been released for all three carriers. They are accessible via iMode, EZweb, or Yahoo!Ke-tai.

View the IR Report for the Sora no Kiseki release.

Sofmap’s Phone Card Revealed

Sorry for the tiny image.

Weekly Sales and Special
Xanadu Next (Vista Ed) (Originally 3960 yen)
Xanadu Next Perfect Guide (Originally 1600 yen)
Xanadu Next Original Soundtrack (Originally 1980 yen)
Sora no Kiseki Postcard Mini Set (Not for Sale)

The total price comes to 7540 yen. Special price –> 4200 yen!
This special lasts until 2/4 or 20 orders have been filled.

These sales are running from 1/22 ~ 2/4-
Tsukikage no Destiny (Normally 7580 yen) for 2800 yen.
Vantage Master Portable (Normally 3960 yen) for 2900 yen.
Sorcerian Super Arrange Version (Normally 1980 yen) for 1260 yen
VM Japan Original Soundtrack (Normally 2980 yen) for 1900 yen.

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