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There are articles for all three drama CDs that are coming out soon. I’ll make individual posts on them, due to the number of stuff they’ll have.


—Castfor the drama CD (Family Name First):
Campanella – Itou Kanae
Estelle Bright – Kanda Akemi
Joshua Bright – Saiga Mitsuki
Olivier Lenheim – Koyasu Takehito
Klose Rinz – Minaguchi Yuuko
Scherazard Harvey – Shioyama Yuka
Zin Vathek – Inada Tetsu
Kevin Graham – Nakao Ryouhei
Georg Weismann – Tanaka Hideyuki
Loewe – Midorikawa Hikaru
Bleu Blanc – Miura Hiroaki
Walter – Yoshimizu Takahiro
Lucciola – Nishikawa Hiromi
Renne – Nishihara Kumiko
Queen Alicia – Sasaki Ayako
Alan Richard – Miura Hiroaki
Maximillian Seed – Takatsuka Masaya
Zechs Vander – Hirai Keiji
Ancient Dragon Legnard – Hirai Keiji

(Considering the image, the Leader is probably one of the actors already playing a role. Especially since two play two roles already.)

The drama CDs have mostly followed the adventures of Estelle, Joshua, and their friends. This time around, the story will be told from the perspective of the Ouroboros, the series’ infamous secret society. Legion No. 0, Campanella, takes on the role of the storyteller, and the story will follow the actions of the Legion.

Drama CD: Sora no Kiseki Ouroboros Report
Release date: 3/27/2010
Price: 3150 yen
Developer: Nihon Falcom
Sales Agency: Chara-Ani
Limited Edition version is available for purchase on Chara-Ani’s website

Interview: [Note: I had a bit of trouble with translating these. I’m sorry if they’re off.]

(What are your impressions of your own performance?)
Miura Hiroaki-san (Richard and Bleu Blanc) – When Richard and Bleu Blanc were both in the same scene, I nearly lost it. (Laugh) But I still had a lot of fun.
Nakao Ryouhei-san (Kevin) – Actually, in this, Kevin’s scene is when he shows his exceptionally cruel nature and kills Weismann. Kevin has, as I should put it, various personalities, and playing those ‘masks’ is very enjoyable. With my multiple performances involving Sora no Kiseki, I’ve come to really enjoy the widespread world-view of the story, and individual gamers have a lot that they can expect.
Itou Kanae-san (Campanella) – A long-time character finally gets a voice! But…. male or female? We don’t know. Age, we also don’t know. Everything is a mystery! But, from what I saw? I took the role to play as a clown-like boy.
Koyasu Takehito (Olivier) – It’s been awhile since I’ve played Olivier. This time, it was much too short, though, and the game has too little information about his country (Erebonia). I’m waiting for more information! Please, hurry up and give it to us. We’re all waiting. (*STAFF NOTE: Legend of Heroes VII, currently in production, might possibly tell the story of Erebonia.)
Midorikawa Hikaru (Loewe) – In the last drama CD, I wanted to be able to continue with this role. Then with the new game in the works, I’m doubly happy. I’m glad to be involved in all these developments for the series.
Nishihara Kumiko (Renne) – In all the drama CDs, Renne’s always shown a restless/active side to her. However, in this work, we get to see a piece of her darkness for a short while, and it was very interesting to perform it. I really like playing in dark stories. (Laugh)

(What impressed you the most when listening to the CD?)
Miura-san – I hadn’t realized how much time had passed when we had completed everything. I couldn’t believe it, when I finally got to hear everything. Afterwards, I realized that Tanaka Hideyuki’s [Weismann] performance was great in that he was a bit unpleasant. (Laughs) [ED: I’m not catching the last sentence. I’m sorry. :(]
Nakao-san – I was pleased with the performances involving Kevin’s scene. In the scenes with Zin and Walter and Lucciola and Scherazard, their performances do a great job portraying the fated connections they had between each other. I believe that you can feel their the conflict of their convictions coming together.
Itou-san – I really liked hearing Campanella’s exposition, and it was very exciting to hear everyone put on such a great performance. Individually, I really liked the scene when Estelle hugged Renne. It had a very warm feeling to it.
Koyasu-san – The expressive nature of her last lines in the scene when Nishihara-san vanishes. The scene was very well done.
Midorikawa-san – I also think that [Tanaka] Hideyuki-san was very impressive as Weismann. He was very unpleasant. (Laughs)
Nishihara-san – With everyone else’s roles… I liked Walter a lot. [ED: Another sentence I can’t quite figure out.] Also, Lucciola and Scherazard’s girltalk. I thought it was really good. Oh, and of course, hearing that scene about Renne’s darkness. (Laughs)

[ Animate – Ouroboros Report Drama CD ]

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