Ys vs Sora no Kiseki Updates

(Since there’s getting to be so much info, I’ll do them in separate posts now. Sorry for the spam, guys.)

DownloadsPage Updated
New wallpapers.
This week’s update includes Aisha, Klose, Feena & Reah, and Dark Fact:





Custom PSP theme:
The current custom theme includes: Joshua and Dogi
Located here.

There are also now banners available for Aisha and Klose.

Special Page Updated
Aisha and Chester now have interviews posted.

MonaMonaQ is now open as well.
This is much like the quest pages from the Ys Portal site. This week’s is to count how many Mona’s are *different* from the one posted. Select the red button once you have your answer, select your answer, then enter your email address.

Answers will be posted at the end of the contest.

Five winners from the contest will be selected from a raffle of the correct answers, and will receive packets of candy.

Character Page Updated
Chester is added to the Ys side.
“The white knight who serves Lord McGuire in the Felghana region. He is the descendant of Genos, who sealed away the demon lord Galvaran. He was trained by the legendary mercenary, Berhardt, along with Dogi, and is a master at using two swords.”

Support Characters Updated:
Sigroon and Elena (wait, what?) –and Elena has the Brave Sword. What?
Check it out for yourself, even.

World Page Updated
Valestein Castle is now added as a stage.

–on a note outside of the updates to the site, there was another magazine released with scans this week.

These scans confirm the following information:

**Listed characters, according to the article:
Ys: Adol, Aisha, Dogi, Geis, Mishera, Crshe, and Elk
Sora no Kiseki: Estelle, Klose, Joshua, Tita, Olivier, Agate, Loewe, and Renne

**You can do one of the follow:
1 vs 1 battles, 2 vs 2 team battles, 1 vs 3 battles

4koma started in Dengeki Maoh, as well as the start of the trading card game (Victory Spark- see earlier entries)

A character from Zero no Kiseki should be available- from the silhouette in the scan, it appears to be Lloyd Bannings.

Based on the Ys Seven system, along with jumping added in, and memorable locations will be available as battlefields.

** Battle Modes:
Free Mode: Allows you to pick a character and stage and just have a battle.
Arcade Mode: Get a chain of battles for a story for a character- who will be their last battle?
Network Battle: Four player action over adhoc mode.
Story Mode: A single player full voice adventure with the selection of a particular character.

Story Mode has full voice acting.
Cast actors include:
Kusao Takeshi
Genda Tessho
Itou Kentarou
Saiga Mitsuki
Koyasu Takehito
Midorikawa Hikaru
Minaguchi Yuuko
Shindou Naomi
Ishida Akira

Support Characters provide status upgrades-
This section confirms Lilia (Ys II) and Gilbert (Sora no Kiseki) as status characters.

This same image also shows Estelle using Taikyoukurin on Adol (omg) and Renne calling out Patel-Matel on Adol. Adol’s so abused! :(

All of these images are now included in the gallery, located here.
EDIT: References to gallery being removed. Please use images from WordPress.

New Music in Ys vs Sora no Kiseki
(snagged from Varion’s post on Ancient Land of Ys.)

New Tracks:
# Childlike Eyes
# Blaze at My Feet
# Twilight Wanderers
# Get Over The Barrier! -Roaring Version- (From Zero no Kiseki)

New Arranges:
# Stopper (Legend of Heroes II)
# Rood Castle (Legend of Heroes III The White Witch)
# Octum’s Wish (Legend of Heroes IV Tear of Vermilion)
# Limits of Power (Legend of Heroes V Cagesong of the Ocean)
# Overdosing Heavenly Bliss (Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki the 3rd)
# Soaring through the Melancholy Blue Skies (Gurumin)
# Advice – Come along to Mona’s Shop! (Lord Monarch)

Arranges used on Drama CDs:
# Dragon Dive -The ‘A’ in Agate is the A’ in Akage- (Sora no Kiseki – Tita Drama CD)
# ERNST (Ys 7 Prologue Drama CD)
# Rush Out! (Ys 7 Prologue Drama CD)
# What I Always Think (Sora no Kiseki – Klose Drama CD)

Yahoo! Games Anticipated Games Ranking
Ys vs Sora no Kiseki has been dropped to 3rd place by Xenoblade and Lost Planet 2.

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  1. Naw, Adol isn't getting abused. It's just Estelle's revenge on him for smacking her in the back of the head in the previous scans. Renne however is just a crazy person so it doesn't matter.

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